DIR Floortime® training is central to Profectum’s mission given the critical need to prepare and advance more providers of intervention.

Just as a single sized approach does not fit all individuals with special needs, training programs need to be diverse to meet different interests and offer different levels of expertise. Profectum offers a menu of training programs, ranging from introductory and special topic courses (which can be taken at any time) to multicourse programs for parents, para-professionals, administrators, certificate programs for licensed multidisciplinary professionals, and future affiliated graduate degree programs.

To make DIR Floortime® training accessible and affordable for all wherever you may live, nationally or internationally, Profectum’s programs are offered both online and face-to-face.  They include:

  • Online courses using state of the art technology bringing training to your home or center
  • Convenient webcasts given by the leading experts in field
  • Live online discussions with experts and colleagues where you will have the opportunity to discuss cases within the framework of the DIR-FCD model
  • Face-to-face interactive regional sessions in the US and future meetings around the world where participants may be located

Why should you consider receiving DIR Floortime® training with Profectum?  Consider the following factors:

Experience matters!

Your faculty at Profectum is comprised of nearly 60 professionals with more than 1000+ years collective experience working with individuals with special needs.  Our multi-disciplinary faculty come from the fields of  mental health, medicine, education, OT, PT, developmental optometry, speech and creative arts.  Our faculty leadership includes:

  • Serena Wieder, PhD, Clinical Director (co-creator of DIRFloortime® training approach with Stanley Greenspan and originator of the ICDL Institute)
  • Ricki Robinson, MD, Medical Director (pediatrician, author of Autism Solutions, sought after media advocate for children with autism, and world-wide speaker)
  • Monica G. Osgood, Executive Director (co-founder and Executive Director of Celebrate the Children School, world-wide speaker and consultant)
  • Sima Gerber, PhD, CCC-SLP, SLP Working Group Chair (Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology in the Department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders of Queens College, City University of New York and Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
  • Rosemary White, OTR, OT Working Group Chair (world renowned speaker and teacher and owner of Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy Services in Seattle, Washington)
  • Gil Foley, EdD, Mental Health Working Group Co-Chair (Associate Professor of School Clinical-Child Psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University and Coordinator of its Infancy and Early Childhood Track, writes and lectures widely and teaches in the major parent-infant programs in the New York area.)
  • Mona Delahooke, PhD, Mental Health Working Group Co-Chair (clinical psychologist specializing in the development of infants, young children, and their families, runs a private practice, consults to parents and school districts, and provides training to personnel in the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and the Westside Infant Family Network)

Our Profectum faculty will be intimately involved in your online discussions, tutoring, lectures and more.

Click here to see a sample of our lecture webcast materials.

The Profectum Foundation Board of Directors follows the principle of shared leadership incorporating the knowledge and expertise of its members drawn from the fields of business, science and faculty who are experts in the care of individuals with special needs.  Each of our outstanding and prominent board members have proven track records of visionary leadership and accomplishment.

This articulate and expert board strategically places Profectum at the forefront of the most current interventions to meet the specifications of families and individuals with special needs through our groundbreaking training programs by nurturing an organization that has sustainable growth now and into the future.

New ideas to advance the field matter!

Just as individuals need new ideas and experiences to develop, so do the intervention approaches that parents and practitioners use to help these individuals.  Profectum’s faculty has worked together to build upon the DIRFloortime® training approach and create the Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD™).  This broad based model now embraces the concepts and tools that can support each  individual and his/her specific developmental challenges.  We are creating an entirely new and comprehensive training program to help practitioners and parents learn how to apply DIRFloortime® training and our FCD™ approach to help individuals with special needs.  Profectum’s faculty invested hundreds of hours to create a completely new curriculum that builds upon DIRFloortime® training to incorporate the latest research and create.

Click here to read some of the rave reviews people are are making regarding how our new content is advancing the state of DIRFloortime® training and the integrative approach.

A full service menu of programs matter!

Options for parents, early interventionists, paraprofessionals, and licensed professionals.

  • Do you wish to learn more?
  • Do you wish to become a leader?
  • There is a program here for you!

Learn more about:

Practical solutions matter!

All of us are busy and want to have simplicity from our training efforts and certainty regarding what to expect. Profectum believes there should never be surprises when it comes to your DIRFloortime® training and certification.  Thus we have created programs with fixed time frames and learning expectations to provide you assurance that your certification is forthcoming upon completion of the courses — no hidden requirements, no unexpected delays in receiving your certification. Furthermore, your course fee inclusively covers everything for your certification — access to classes as well as tutoring sessions with no surprise expenses.

Profectum is committed to providing the tools you need to connect the “what” to the “how.”

Expansion of our toolbox!

Visual/Spatial Portals to Thinking, Feeling and Movement by Serena Wieder, PhD and Harry Wachs, OD.  This ground breaking book reveals how visual-spatial challenges undermine learning and development.  The book also provides hundreds of exercises professionals and parents can use with children to help address their challenges.