Why Train with Profectum?  The DIR-FCD™ Model Started Here!

Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based Model training started with the Clinical Infant Development Program, an NIMH clinical research study initiated by Dr. Stanley I. Greenspan in the 1970’s. This program was based at the Mental Health Study Center in Prince George’s County, where Dr. Serena Wieder joined in 1978 as the Clinical and Research Director.

Drs. Greenspan and Wieder’s work discovered the need for a humanistic model based on typical development in the context of the family and relationships. Autism was still rare with an incidence of 1/10,000 and certainly a mystery in 1979 when it became recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

Through the 80’s and 90’s Drs. Greenspan and Wieder developed the DIRFloortime® model that offered children with autism, PDD, and other emotional and developmental disorders, and their families, an emotional and relationship-based intervention to establish the foundations for a meaningful future.

Drs. Greenspan and Wieder worked with many other professionals concerned with early development and psychopathology in theory and in practice and presented and published extensively both individually and together. Some of their joint publications include The Child with Special Needs, Engaging Autism, Infant and Child Mental Health, and the Diagnostic Manual for Infants & Children.  Click to watch a DIRFloortime® Introduction

Experience Matters!

Profectum’s faculty is comprised of 50+ professionals with more than 1000+ years collective experience working with individuals with special needs. Our multi-disciplinary faculty come from the fields of mental health, medicine, education, occupational therapy, physical therapy, developmental optometry, speech and creative arts. Profectum faculty will be intimately involved in your online discussions, mentoring, lectures and more.

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DIR® Certificate Courses for Professionals

DIR® model Emotional, Social and Cognitive Development programs for professionals offer advanced in-depth training in integrated, multi-disciplinary approaches to working with individuals and families with special needs. Several tracks are offered, each leading to more advanced levels of training for those who are interested in becoming supervisors and trainers.

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DIR® Introductory Programs for Parents and Professionals

DIR® Introductory programs are perfect for professionals, parents, family members and anyone who wants to gain the foundations of understanding the individual profiles of individuals with diverse needs, strategies to help them (and you) develop stronger abilities for engaging, playing, thinking and communicating.

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DIR® Masterclasses

Our goal is to develop your competencies as a therapist/educator in conceptualizing the child within the DIR® model framework, setting goals for working with the child and family, implementing intervention strategies and the ability to think about how the a child’s intervention plan today impacts his or her future.

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Commit to Excellence!

Receive your DIR® training at Profectum because:

  • Profectum is the source of the highest quality DIR® training in the world
  • Serena Wieder, creator of the original DIR® Institute, with the original, interdisciplinary DIR® faculty create and teach our courses
  • You will gain a comprehensive range of the most progressive, research-based theoretical knowledge and broaden your ability to apply the model to a diverse range of developmental profiles and ages
  • You will deepen the quality of your work, increase successful outcomes and your clients will benefit on many levels
  • You will have the opportunity to learn alongside talented clinicians all over the globe
  • You can choose from a range of training programs from introductory to advanced
  • Upon completion of a certificate course, you will gain access to the following benefits:
    • Your own profile page on our Provider Directory that will allow parents and colleagues to reach you
    • Invitations to submit proposals to present Masterclasses
    • Trainer certificate holders are eligible to provide tutoring and teach Profectum courses

Sherri Cawn, MS, CCC-SLP, from Chicago, leads this group of extremely talented clinicians from ​South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Singapore, Finland, Chicago, Florida, the state of Washington and Brooklyn!