Profectum Registered Developmental Technician (PRDT) Course

What Is a Profectum Registered Developmental Technician?

A Profectum Registered Developmental Technician (PRDT) is a paraprofessional certified in the DIR-FCD approach. PRDTs assist in delivering developmental services under the direction and close supervision of a DIR® Certified Clinician or Educator, who is responsible for all work PRDTs perform. PRDT training was developed to provide quality training, coaching, and supervision to paraprofessionals who support clinicians and educators in home, school, and clinical settings. The role of a PRDT is to implement the goals of a developmental program that have been identified by his or her supervisor. PRDTs are trained in the principles and strategies of the model but are not qualified to do assessments, set goals, or supervise others. In order to maintain PRDT certification, paraprofessionals must be employed by and working under a certified supervisor in a school, clinic, or home program.

Why Should You Become a PRDT?

There are many benefits to obtaining PRDT certification, including:

  • It shows that you have met certain requirements that are critical in delivering supportive developmental services.
  • It provides increased consumer protection since you must meet certain eligibility (e.g., pass a background check, meet certain knowledge requirements) and maintenance (e.g., receive ongoing supervision, adhere to an ethics code) requirements to obtain, and maintain certification.
  • It makes it easier for employers, funders, consumers, etc. to verify that you have certain knowledge, skills, and abilities; have appropriate oversight; and are not under disciplinary sanctions.
  • It is a widely recognized and respected credential since it is offered by Profectum Foundation, the nation’s leading DIR-FCD training and certification organization.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

To earn PRDT certification, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and pass the PRDT certification exam. These requirements were established to ensure that entry-level developmental technicians have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for delivering developmental and educational support services under the supervision of a qualified supervisor. To apply, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have completed high school-level education or equivalent
  • pass a background check
  • obtain 40 hours of qualified training
  • successfully complete a PRDT initial competency assessment

You must have ongoing supervision from a PRDT Supervisor or PRDT Requirements Coordinator to practice as a PRDT after you pass the certification examination. We recommend applying once you have identified a work setting where you will receive appropriate supervision. Once you meet the eligibility requirements: 

  • Submit a PRDT certification application 
  • Once your application is approved, you must pass the PRDT certification examination

Getting Started

Choose Your Age and Setting Specific Curriculum

We understand that the principles and strategies of working in different settings and with different ages of children can vary dramatically. Therefore, we provide a choice of curriculum tailored to your needs including:

  • Early Intervention, Clinics, and Home Programs
  • Pre-K and Elementary
  • Middle and High School
  • Adult Programs

Choose Your Course Format

The PRDT Course is open to individuals and groups. Paraprofessionals may go through the course and join other paraprofessional students in the Monthly Supervision Online Class. Groups of 10 or more from schools, agencies, and clinics follow the same curriculum but have the option of scheduling their own Monthly Supervision Classes. Group discounts are available.

Review the Course Timeline

Review the Sample Exam Questions

1 A PRDT starts with a new client/student. What is the first thing he or she should do upon meeting the child?

          a. establish the PRDT’s role as the child’s superior

          b. ask the adults who are present about the child’s strengths and weaknesses

          c. get down at the child’s level and make an initial connection

         d. do something funny to make the child laugh

2 A PRDT notices that the child they are working with is having trouble attending to activities/lessons. The PRDT should:

         a. determine if the activity/lesson needs to be modified 

         b. attempt to engage the child using affect

         c. ask for help as a way to “invite” the child into the activity/lesson

        d. all of the above

3 A teacher asks the PRDT to write new goals for the student he or she is working with. The PRDT should:

        a. ask the teacher for the student’s current goals for the purpose of adapting them

        b. remind the teacher that the PRDT’s supervisor is responsible for updating student goals

        c. use the DIR-FCD Goal Bank to choose new goals

       d. ask how many new goals are required

Review the Technology Considerations

To make our training available to as broad a group as possible regardless of geography or time zones, Profectum uses video streaming and video conferencing as our standard technology tools. The course relies on you watching webcasts on your own and joining class discussions using video conferencing.  You will need a relatively modern PC/MAC and modern broadband internet access.  While Wi-fi can work if your home/office has excellent connectivity, a wired internet connection to your PC/MAC is highly recommended.

Submit Payment

Fees for the 6-month PRDT Course are listed below:

  • Individuals:  $250
  • Groups of 5-10:  $200
  • Groups of 11+:   $150

Now That You Are Certified — What’s Next?

Maintain Your Certificate

As a PRDT, you must:

  • Receive ongoing supervision that meets the PRDT supervision, supervisor, and documentation requirements
  • Adhere to the PRDT Ethics Code and Self-reporting Requirements 
  • Complete an PRDT renewal application every two years, including a PRDT Renewal Competency Assessment, to maintain your certification
    • Fee $75

Consider Advanced Certificate Levels

  • PRDT Level 2 – Complete the Profectum Parent Toolbox© webcast series and quizzes | Fee $50
  • PRDT Level 3 – Complete DIR-FCD Goal Bank© Webcast Series and quizzes  | Fee $25 Administration Fee + the cost of the Goal Bank
Profectum Foundation reserves the right to modify course descriptions and requirements as needed.