Profectum Registered Developmental Technician (PRDT) Course

What is a Profectum Registered Developmental Technician?

A Profectum Registered Developmental Technician (PRDT™) is a paraprofessional who has completed the Profectum curriculum and passed a final exam in the DIR® and FCD approach. PRDT™’s assist in delivering developmental services under the direction and close supervision of a DIR® or DIR-FCD certified clinician or educator, who is responsible for all work PRDT™’s perform. PRDT™ training was developed to provide quality training to individuals who support clinicians and educators in the home, school, and clinical settings. 

The role of a PRDT™ is to implement the goals of a developmental program identified by their certified supervisor. PRDT™’s are trained in the principles and strategies of the DIR® model, but are not qualified to do assessments, set goals, or supervise others. To maintain a PRDT™ Certificate of Completion, individuals must be employed by and working under a certified supervisor in a school, clinic, or home program. 

The Profectum Registered Developmental Technician Certificate of Completion confirms that you have met the requirements of the course and passed the final exam. 

Additional information on the PRDT course and a schedule will be available soon.

Profectum Foundation reserves the right to modify course descriptions and requirements as needed.