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Strategies to help you engage and interact with your child

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The Profectum Parent Toolbox (PPT)

A FREE online webcast series created just for parents and caregivers!

The goal of the Profectum Parent Toolbox is to encourage and empower you to build a strong relationship with your child while fostering his or her development.  The PPT™ will guide you in your discovery of your child’s unique sensory and motor differences that are the foundation of how he or she experiences the world and ultimately interacts with you. With a new understanding of your child’s individual strengths and challenges it will help you match Profectum Toolbox Strategies to your child’s needs to support his or her engaging, playing and interacting, thinking and communicating with you. Your Profectum Parent Toolbox authors have been working together collaboratively for 20+ years and this program is a culmination of their experiences with families they would like to share with you!

Dr. Barbara Stroud Interviews Monica Osgood on the PPT

“Professional Conversations with Friends: Sharing knowledge from experts in their field” – July 8, 2020.


Four Steps of the PPT

There are 4 steps in the Profectum Parent Toolbox. Steps 1 and 2 introduce all key strategies for interaction – one or two at a time. In Steps 3 and 4 all the strategies are used together to help you keep your interactions going! Each step is outlined below.

Strategies to Help You Engage and Interact with Your Child

Strategies to Help You Engage and Interact with Your Child – Using the Webcasts: The “Nuts and Bolts”

Become Your Child’s Play Partner – Explore ways to mobilize attention, engagement and circles of interaction

Be Present… Be Together

Tune in to My Child’s Interests!

The Magic of Emotional Expression – Attend, Engage & Relate

Build First Circles


Now That We’re Connected… Let’s Expand!

Explore Sensory Preferences and Challenges

Explore Your Child’s Sensory Responsivity

Touch… The First Sense!!

Explore Using Sound to Nurture Engagement

Discover your Child’s “Visual Box” Of Attention

Movement: The Body In Motion

Ideas Become Plans, Then Actions

The Dance of Play… Tapping Into Your Child’s Rhythm and Timing

“Talking” Starts with Gestures

Putting it All Together

Tailor Your Interactions to Engage Your Child’s Attention

How Big? How Loud? How Close

Moment to Moment

Give Movements meaning Through Emotional Expression

Regulate Emotions

Engaged, Happy and Flexible!!!

Let’s Solve This Problem- Together

Extend the Conversation with Shared Problem Solving

Discover Pretend Play

Expand Pretend Play

Pretend Play with Adolescents (and Young Adults)

Interact All Day Long: Daily Routines Set the Stage

Playing Outside with Your Child and Family: Feeling, Moving and Relating

Profectum Parent Toolbox Review and Inspiration from Parents Like you

Sixteen Key Strategies of the PPT

Throughout the series, the Sixteen Key Profectum Parent Toolbox Strategies help you support your child’s relating, communicating, thinking and creativity. These strategies are presented sequentially, one or two at a time. You will see several strategies noted at the beginning of each webcast following the goals of the webcast.

A Message from Dr. Serena Wieder

Strategies to Help You Engage and Interact with Your Child

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this exceptional series of webcasts  to help you understand how your child learns and interacts with you and the surrounding world!

This series is for you if …

  • You want to learn more ways to interact and have fun with your child
  • You want to feel more engaged and related to your child who is at risk for developmental challenges, to interact and play with him or her better and to bring your family closer
  • Your child has developmental challenges such as
    • Autism
    • Sensory processing concerns
    • Attention deficit
    • Motor, language, health, or emotional and mental health challenges and …
  • You want to engage, relate and communicate more with him/her

We can help!

In recent years science has gained a better understanding of the factors that contribute to developmental challenges in some children. Based on this understanding, we at Profectum and others have devised intervention strategies to help these children, and now we want to share them with you!

We also know all children are unique, with different ways of taking things in and relating to others and their environments. We will address these differences as we work together to build your child’s unique profile through our Profectum Parent Toolbox webcast series.

Thank you for joining us!

We don’t know the plot of our children’s lives ahead of time, but we can provide the foundation for them to learn and enjoy the gift of your relationship to support them.

This will be a journey of discovery with your child.  Like all journeys there will be twists and turns. Just remember development happens over a lifetime.

So let’s get started together!