Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD™) Guided Sessions

Course Overview

For guidance and strategies on how to build feelings of  COMFORT, COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE, CONTROL, and COMMUNICATION with your child or adult with special needs in the home!

This 5-week series is designed to guide parents in using the FCD™ framework to rethink how we balance our time and priorities with people on the autism spectrum and with other challenges in relating and communicating. Each week will focus on one of the “5 C’s” and how prioritizing these feelings in ourselves and our loved ones can reduce stress while fostering healthy development!

Goals & Objectives

The series is PACKED with tools and strategies you can use right away, like …

  • How to reduce stress while fostering healthy development
  • How to balance our time and priorities
  • How to prioritize feelings of the “5 C’s” in ourselves and our loved ones

Course Structure

Live, online sessions will combine lectures, video demonstrations, suggested activities/strategies, and moderated Q&A.

Course Fee

Profectum Premier Member: Free
Profectum Exclusive Member: $50 ($10 per session)
Non-Member: $100 ($20 per session)

Not a member?  Join Us!  We need you to continue our mission to reach, meet and grow children with special needs and their families! Members have access to great training and support information, plus become part of our community!

Criteria to Take the Course

There are no prerequisites.

Technology Considerations

  • You will need a relatively modern device (PC, MAC, TABLET, PHONE) and strong/reliable internet access.
  • While Wi-fi can work if your home/office has excellent connectivity, a wired internet connection to your device is recommended.
  • You can test the speed of your internet connection by visiting An upload speed of 10mbps or greater is advised.
  • If internet access is being shared in your home/office and others are downloading or streaming video at the same time, you may experience connectivity issues.
  • Close other applications running on your device before joining the ZOOM session.


As an aspiring OT, I appreciate any and all resources that will help me in my career. Profectum consistently provides those resources, thank you! Thank you. The more I’m exposed to these techniques, the better I can parent my child and support other parents. I really appreciate you sharing your expertise.
“Excellent series with knowledgeable and entertaining presenters. I am not new to FloorTime but I came away with lots of helpful information.”  “I really did find the course amazing and it gave me a deeper understanding of the 5 C’s and how to implement them. I have been using them on-going and actually woke up Sunday morning thinking about an evaluation I had the next day. I was thinking about the difficulties the child was having that were related to unexplained school anxiety of recent onset. As I was kind of waking up and thinking all of this it just kind of popped into my brain “The 5 C’s.”