• Fellows DIR-FCD Model Certificate in Emotional, Social and Cognitive Development

    Course Overview

    The Fellows DIR-FCD model certificate program is done completely online. The course will use the DIR-FCD model to broaden and deepen the clinician’s understanding of continued assessment and intervention for social-emotional development in infants, children, adolescents and families. The Fellows DIR-FCD model course will use the Functional Emotional Developmental Levels (FEDL’s) to continue the clinician’s process to understand a wider range of challenges and intervention strategies.

    While watching webcast lectures and participating in small online interactive classes, participants will have the opportunity to more deeply focus on assessment of various emotional, learning and neurodevelopmental profiles (NDRC) and implications for treatment and progress.

    More targeted focus will be given to reflective tutoring, coaching and monitoring progress over time. Advanced observation, interaction and assessment tools will advance participant fidelity in the model. Ongoing small group reflective tutoring will provide participants the opportunity to receive feedback on his or her clinical work throughout the course. Participants will share a range of cases and ultimately present a final case in an online forum.

    Course Structure: Fellows DIR-FCD Model Certificate in Emotional, Social and Cognitive Development Program

    • Small class Structure
    • 9-month program
    • Online class meets 1 time per month for 2-hours
    • Tutoring groups meet 1 time per month for 1.5 hours (no more than 3 people in a group)
    • Webcast lectures
    • Final written case paper

    Brief Course Outline

    • Advanced understanding of the DIR-FCD model: Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-Based Approach & Foundational Capacities for Development including Floortime principles
    • Advanced understanding of a range of profiles and implications for treatment – professionals from fields of Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Psychology and Education will share to support integration across disciplines
    • Advanced clinical skills related to work with families – coaching, advocacy, real world functioning, educational curriculum, etc.
    • Reflective tutoring
    • Case-based presentations and learning are included in each webcast

    Goals and Objectives

    • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of the course of development, individual differences and developmental challenges
    • Develop a deeper understanding of observation, assessment, interaction and comprehensive intervention skills
    • Conceptualize a range of cases within the DIR-FCD model framework
    • Display a deeper understanding of integration of the model and your own discipline
    • Apply and build/modify interventions across time demonstrating a deeper understanding of the integration of the model
    • Describe your experience with reflective supervision
    • Begin to develop coaching skills


    A minimum number of participants are required to run each course group. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a scheduled group if the required number of participants is not achieved.

    When you apply, your email will be added to our contact list. You will be notified when your application has been reviewed and accepted. You will receive information on course dates as it becomes available.


    Please download and complete the application. Contact  michele.ricamato@profectum.org if you have questions.


    Technology Considerations

    To make our training available to as broad a group as possible regardless of geography or time zones, Profectum uses video streaming and video conferencing as our standard technology tools. The course relies on you watching webcasts on your own and joining class discussions using video conferencing.  Thus you will need a relatively modern PC/MAC and modern broadband internet access.  While Wi-fi can work if your home/office has excellent connectivity, a wired internet connection to your PC/MAC is highly recommended.