Program Description

This MASTER CLASS will focus on how clinicians can support parents in the course of child treatment across disciplines. We will have a brief overview of the parent stress/autism/special needs literature in order to appreciate the current landscape when a child is diagnosed with differences.  We will discuss the various ways parent stress manifests itself in dyadic work, and discover how the “therapeutic use of self” is an effective pathway to helping parents (and ourselves as clinicians) feel better understood, more empowered and more hopeful. By viewing ourselves as part of the equation we will find that a parent’s journey is also our journey. As clinicians, we witness and support parents through the ongoing stress and anxiety related to variable progress, seeing other typical children, overwhelming schedules, and the impacts on siblings and marriages.  We also celebrate progress.  This course will highlight coping strategies for parents and ourselves to buffer “empathy burn-out”and maintain boundaries as we support each other in doing this important work.  During sessions 2-4 we will include time for reflective processing of participant’s questions/discussions related to current cases.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the parallel process between interactions with parents influences parents’ relationships with their children learn about the latest evidence on parent stress and autism.
  • Participate in self-reflection exercises that refine and support the therapeutic use of self.
  • Integrate an understanding of parental individual differences and how they inform our interactions with parents dialogue about challenges inherent in parent-mediated interventions


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Who should attend?

Graduates and participants of all DIR courses
Crossover candidates and other advanced Certificate holders
Professionals working actively with DIR interventions


Online – Zoom


Time: 4:30-6:00 pm pacific time  /  7:30-9:00 pm eastern time
Length: 1.5 hours each session
4 sessions , alternate weeks

Start Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Session 1: Wednesday, 2/7/18
Session 2: Thursday, 2/15/18
Session 3: Wednesday, 2/21/18
Session 4: Thursday, 3/1/18


Seats Limited to 10 Participants


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