Ricki Robinson, MD MPH

Autism and anxiety often go hand in hand. In this webcast pediatrician Dr. Ricki Robinson (author of “Autism Solutions: How to Create a Healthy and Meaningful Life for your Child”), describes this combination to be a “perfect storm” that can markedly derail not only a child’s developmental progress but also affect his and the families quality of life. This presentation describes how parents and professionals can use the DIR developmental model to understand the challenge(s) for each child that may result in overwhelming anxiety. This anxiety in turn becomes the driver of his untoward behaviors such as withdrawal, increasing repetitive behaviors, even aggression. Identifying these factors may lead to treatment approaches using a relationship based multidisciplinary treatment model that can support a child to feel better and move up the developmental ladder. The underlying neurobiology of ASD that can lead to anxiety and the autism/anxiety feedback loop is discussed at length and the many possibilities for treatment approaches illustrated through case examples from Dr. Robinson’s clinical practice. This webcast addresses one of the most common co-morbities for individuals with ASD and offers help and hope for improving an individuals life.

This presentation was made to teachers and staff of Celebrate the Children school in Wharton, NJ.

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