• Autism Resources for Parents – Resources on FCD and DIR model

    Profectum’s founders and faculty members collectively have several hundred years of experience working with many thousands of individuals with special needs (and their parents and families).  We understand the angst everyone goes through at the initial diagnosis, when the individual hits roadblocks after periods of tremendous progress, when the individual reaches new stages in life that require new approaches, etc.  Consequently, we understand the need for support and information specific to parents, caregivers and family members.

    While we will not attempt to be the complete answer for all autism resources for parents as you learn about options and create the program for your child, we will endeavor to assemble some of the information, tools, and resources that we have seen that may be helpful to you.  Consider this your “home page” –  an avenue for parents to express their interests and concerns, share resources and ideas, and ultimately build your own “virtual” parent community. We also welcome individuals with special needs, siblings, grandparents and extended family members to contribute as well.

    Profectum intends to offer families a full range of opportunities to interact with one another. We will share professional resources, feature articles, review intervention options and will help you identify Profectum-trained service providers. Through our website take advantage of a full range of online learning opportunities including: the webcast subscription library; invitations to our conferences; the Parent Educational Program and the FREE Profectum Parent Toolbox.

    In turn, Profectum invites you to guide us, let us know what is on your mind and how we can help. Please contact us with your ideas, first-person stories and other contributions of interest to parents and families.

    Tools and Autism Resources for Parents