Profectum Foundation DIR-FCD™ Resources

The DIR-FCD™ model has been created and informed by experts in the fields of pediatric medicine, developmental psychology, education, speech and language, occupational and physical therapies – making it the first truly integrated multi-disciplinary approach to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental and mental health challenges. In line with our mission, we strive to provide parents and professionals with the highest quality resources and training in the field of special needs!





Welcome to Profectum’s resource page for parents and caregivers. Profectum’s founders and faculty members collectively have several hundred years of experience working with many thousands of individuals with special needs (and their parents and families). We understand the angst everyone goes through at the initial diagnosis, when the individual hits roadblocks after periods of tremendous progress, when the individual reaches new stages in life that require new approaches, etc. Consequently, we understand the need for support and information specific to parents, caregivers and family members. We share professional resources, feature articles, review intervention options and will help you identify Profectum-trained service providers.

Welcome to Profectum’s resource page for professionals. This page will provide professionals working with children and adults with special needs, an opportunity to access resources and keep up-to-date on the latest developments and research in the field. All professional disciplines are welcome.

All of Profectum’s content development and perspectives are led by Faculty and academy members working together. The following Profectum Leadership Task Forces include: Standard Course; International Support; Conferences; Bridge Programs; Reflective Practice; Engagement and Communication; Marketing; Development and Fundraising

Welcome to Profectum’s education resources. This page provides professionals working in schools, clinics, camps and home settings the opportunity to access resources and keep up-to-date on the latest developments and research in the field. If you have a resource, research or any other relevant information you would like to share with others via this site, please contact us. This is a dynamic page where you will find new information on a regular basis. We are at an important crossroad in the world of special education, as technology and the latest scientific discoveries are opening new windows into what our children can achieve. State-of-the-art school programs are recognizing the need to evolve with this new knowledge to support students to reach their potential using Profectum’s Education Best Practice Guidelines.

Welcome to Profectum’s publication page. Our talented faculty contributes resources and publications as they become available. When possible we will provide links that allow you to purchase or access these important resources. We encourage you to visit our contributors publications.