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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DIR-FCD IEP Goal Bank?

A guide used to support the writing of individualized DIR-FCD goals.

A developmental scope and sequence of goals based on typical development, adapted to reflect the developmental needs of school-aged students (ages 3 to 21.)

Why was the DIR-FCD Goal Bank Developed?

To help professionals create programs that allow children to make significant developmental progress, learn, experience success, independence, make friends and feel good about themselves

To keep staff focused and goal-oriented

To better document student’s developmental progress

To support timely advancement of each student’s program

To ensure accountability across multiple disciplines

How Did We Develop the DIR-FCD Goal Bank?

For 20+ years we read the books, went to conferences, received direct coaching from Drs. Greenspan and Wieder (and other DIR Model Faculty.)

We developed our school program based on their guidance and on our experience and ideas.

Goals were developed by case, not globally by level. We assessed each student within the framework of the levels and wrote goals based on his or her individual need.

After 15 years we began to compile all the goals into ‘level specific’ banks which are organized in a developmental scope and sequence.

How is the DIR-FCD IEP Goal Bank Organized?

By each developmental level

  • There is a very wide range of ability within each level. Dr. Greenspan stressed that we stretch each level to its potential rather than working up before capacities are solid and consistent.
  • This is not meant to be a checklist or ‘step-by-step’ program, but rather a guide to support goal writing for individual students.

Subcategories are included to target different areas of development with each level. There are a range of goals at each level that were created based on different student profiles.

  • Goals within (and at different levels) support ad overlap each other to target specific areas of weaknesses
  • At times seem redundant, but are slightly different
  • There are bottom-up and top-down goals at each level
  • Not every goal is appropriate for every student

How are Goals Developed for the Student?


Identify goals

Individualize the goals

Add meaningful examples

Add measurable qualifiers

How Are the Goals Measurable?

Qualifiers: The following objectives are achieved when the student demonstrates capacities consistently 75% of the time (or 3 out of 4 opportunities) for at least a month or 20 days.

Add one of the following:

  • In 1:1 interactions
  • In small groups or dyad
  • With a peer(s)
  • In the classroom setting
  • In clinical setting
  • In all settings

Add measurable criteria:

  • % of the time
  • # out of 4 opportunities
  • # of times per # minute floor time session
  • for # minutes per floor time session

Add one of these qualifiers:

  • Independently
  • With Support (Minimal, Moderate)