Three Dimensional Thinking in Autism and Stress Related Disorders Expanding Frontiers to Advance Development for Children Across the Lifespan

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Keynote presentations at this conference feature leading researchers sharing their latest findings, as well as clinicians and educators pioneering state-of-the-art multi-dimensional intervention approaches for children, adolescents and individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and other special needs. The role of stress-related disorders either secondary to an individual’s special needs or the result of early childhood trauma and the impact on development and well-being will be explored.

The following is the list of webcasts recorded from this conference:

  • Development and the DIR Model
  • Engaging Autism: Integration of Developmental and Behavioral Approaches to Intervention
  • New Research Evidence for Developmental Approaches in the Treatment of ASD – Showcasing the P.L.A.Y.® Project
  • DIR Model Informed Thinking: A Case Study in Treatment of Anxiety and ASD
  • The Parent Perspective: Building the Treatment Team that is Right for Each Child
  • Super Parenting: Building Stress Resiliency in Parents of Special Needs Children
  • Bullying: Prevention, Building Resilience & Creating Supportive Communities
  • The Path to Joint Attention: Challenges and Stressors Along the Road
  • Communication and Anxiety
  • Helping Parents Cope with Stress and Find Resilience
  • Individuals Grow Best Within Family Relationships
  • Model Case Presentation: An Adolescent with an Autism Spectrum Disorder Presenting with Chronic Stress in an Educational Setting
  • How to Create a Meaningful Life for Every Child and Young Adult Panel
  • Barriers to Progress: Revise and Revive Interventions
    The Role of Visual Spatial and Related Processing Challenges to Emotional Regulation
  • Realizing Potential: School Programs that Recognize Intelligence and Prepare Students with Diverse Needs for Success Futures

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