Introduction to the DIR-FCD Model Series


Webcasts in this Series

Sensory Processing and Neuroimaging Assessment: Case Presentations of Treatment that is Informed and Supported by the Research

Presenter Sherri Cawn
Traci Swink
Rosemary White

Individual Differences

Presenter Rosemary White

Comprehension Across the Spectrum: A Longitudinal Story of a Child’s Triumphs and Struggles with Language Development

Presenter Sima Gerber

Floortime: All Day Long and All Life Long

Presenter Ruby Salazar

DIR-FCD Model Assessment and Intervention for Older Children and Young Adults

Presenter Karen McDowell
Michele Parkins
Diane Selinger

How to Create a Meaningful Life for Every Child and Young Adult Panel

Presenter Ricki Robinson
Serena Wieder

Understanding Behavior: A Developmental Perspective

Presenter Monica Osgood
Lauren Blaszak

A Seat at the Table: Evidence for Intensive Developmental Interventions (IDI)

Presenter Richard Solomon

Basic Principles of the DIR Model

Presenter Serena Wieder

Introduction to Floortime

Presenter Sherri Cawn
Monica Osgood
Rosemary White

The Introduction to the DIR-FCD Model program is a self-directed, on-line, webcast series. The program is designed to provide an overview of the DIR-FCD model including Floortime principles and strategies for parents and family members, clinicians, educators and administrators, public service providers and the general public.

Although all providers in this directory have completed one or more of Profectum’s certificate training courses on the DIR-FCD model, the providers listed in this directory are independent contractors. Providers are not agents nor are they employees and nor are they under the control of Profectum Foundation. Providers are solely responsible for the quality of the services you receive.