Jeanne White, LMFT

Jeanne White, LMFT co-established company and ongoing contract with Tri-Counties Regional Center in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties since 2007. The Center for Developmental Play and Learning (CDPL) provides services to special needs children and their families using a developmental model of intervention called the Developmental, Individual-difference, Relationship-based model or DIR. In role as Co-Director, provide direct service to ongoing caseload each week, including both home and center-based visits and services are in both English and Spanish. Co-lead two children’s groups, organize and lead group process. Provide DIR coaching to families present in all sessions, including case management support, parent meetings, parent night group education and quarterly reports on their child’s progress. Supervise staff on their cases. As Co-director involved in planning and execution of all facets of CDPL including: compliance with all state and regional center guidelines for operation; management of employee issues; development of CDPL policy guidelines; support and planning of clinical training program; day to day administrative tasks; ongoing clinical and case management issues for caseload as well as caseload other clinical staff; presenter for local training events on the DIR model and at CDPL parent nights. Co-organize community events at CDPL Center. Company website: