Chicago Regional Training Conference

Autism Solutions: Pathways to Progress – Chicago 2012

This conference focused on using the Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD™) and the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship (DIR) based model to build a comprehensive intervention plan.  Participants learned:

  • To assess foundational capacities and the individual’s DIR Profile

  • To identify hurdles and gaps in development and to plan for intervention to address these gaps

  • To identify behaviors related to anxiety and visual spatial challenges

  • To focus on comprehension and how to enhance the individual’s ability to make meaning of a world that can sometimes be confusing

  • To activate development through affect

  • To recognize how symbols reflect emotional development

  • To prioritize goals and integrate related intervention approaches

  • How to apply the DIR-FCD™ approach from the perspective of the following disciplines: Speech, OT/PT, Education, Medicine and Mental Health

Conference Webcast

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Conference Brochure

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