Cuong Do

Founder, Profectum Foundation
President, Global Strategy Group at Samsung

Cuong Do currently serves as the head of the global strategy group for Samsung Group, where he helps leads the group’s strategy and growth efforts.  Prior to Samsung, Cuong served the Chief Strategy Officer for Merck, Tyco Electronics, and Lenovo.  He was also a former senior partner at McKinsey & Company, where he spent 17 years and helped build the Firm’s healthcare, high tech and corporate finance practices.

In 2011, he started Profectum to create a home for talented clinicians working with the DIR model to continue their work.  He advanced the notion that no single intervention approach can work by itself and worked closely with the Profectum faculty to create the Foundational Capacities for Development™ (FCD™) model.

In 2014, Cuong devoted most of his time to helping address the challenges of autistic teenagers.  Nearly 1 million autistic teenagers will transition to adulthood in the next decade.  However, there are currently no tools, approaches or processes to help parents of these individuals understand what their children are able to do and are interested in – without which, one cannot help put in place appropriate post-secondary education options, jobs and support for housing and transportation.  Cuong is Founder and Chairman of Identifor, which is working with Autism Speaks and other organizations to develop new tools and approaches to address this challenge.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, U.S. and a Master of Business Administration from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, New Hampshire, U.S. He serves on Autism Speaks’ Executive, Family Services, and Science Committees.  He currently or previously served on the boards of Celebrate the Children (school for children with special needs), Caring for Cambodia (non-profit working to establish model schools for Cambodia); the National Youth Science Foundation, the Tuck MBA Advisory Board, and WuXi AppTec (leading pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing company).  He was co-founder and Chairman of Callidus Biopharma (a biotech company working in rare diseases that was acquired by Amicus Therapeutics in 2013) and Lysodel Therapeutics (company developing an innovative pharmaceutical product for obesity).