About this Conference

Keynote presentations feature leading researchers sharing their latest findings, as well as clinicians and educators pioneering state-of-the-art multi-dimensional intervention approaches for children, adolescents and individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs. The role of stress-related disorders either secondary to an individual’s special needs or the result of early childhood trauma and the impact on development and well-being will be explored.

Learning Objectives
  • To view the multiple dimensions of development that build lifelong competencies for relating, thinking, feeling and functioning.
  • To apply new research to practical ideas you can implement to benefit your children and their families.
  • To learn new ways to deal with stress - yours, your children and their families – to increase resilience.
  • To help young adults with an ASD or other special needs build for their future –by connecting their passions to realize dreams.
  • To honor T. Berry Brazelton, MD as Profectum’s Inaugural Humanitarian Award recipient.
  • To meet and network with colleagues, friends and parents dedicated to the progress of every individual they reach and meet kids and young adults living successfully with an ASD.
Webcast Series Available

This Conference is available as a Webcast Series here.


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