About this Conference

This is the conference to help you understand the barriers to progress and “how to” move forward through case discussions, examining underlying processes, hands on workshops, and the opportunity to learn how to interact and play with your child using the techniques of Floortime™ to promote progress.Floortime™ need not be a mystery! Learn the strategies to engage your child in play to help him relate, communicate, think and enjoy discovery and learning. Attend beginner and at school workshops during the conference. Prior experience is not necessary. Floortime™ can be added to all other intervention approaches.

Learning Objectives
  • The child won't play with you and runs away instead
  • When the child is flapping his hands instead of paying attention to you
  • When the child loses control and has a meltdown or becomes your tyrant
  • How to help the child expand his symbolic play and common sense reasoning
  • How to respond when the child's themes in play or behavior is aggressive and you want him to be “nice”
  • When you want to discover what is going on in his mind, why and what to do
  • When you need to reflect on your feelings as you strive to co-regulate, play and climb the developmental ladder 
Webcast Series Available

This Conference is available as a Webcast Series here.


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