About this Conference

This conference will provide an overview of the latest insights into the unique profiles and experiences of children and young adults on the autistic spectrum and other developmental and emotional disorders. A comprehensive overview of the application of evidenced-based developmental practices in the classroom and clinic will be presented by teachers, administrators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists and mental health professionals working in both private and public school settings. Program components that promote regulation, sensory-motor development, visual-spatial capacities, engagement, intentionality, problem-solving, symbolic and abstract thinking will be illustrated through classroom video examples. Teachers and therapists use affective, emotionally meaningful, experience-based activities tailored to the individual needs of the students to maximize motivation, comprehension, and retention of knowledge. The principle of “discovery vs. teaching” is emphasized as teachers and therapists promote thinking vs. memorization in the classroom. Case studies will be used to demonstrate how children with developmental challenges can build strong relationships and become creative, global thinkers who are prepared for the 21st century. The newly published Profectum DIR-FCD IEP Goal Bank and data collection program will be demonstrated and available for purchase. Finally, the integration of the use of technology to maximize participation and communication will also be incorporated. The unique features of this conference include an optional tour of the Celebrate the Children School in action the day prior to the conference and many hands-on workshops each day. The combination of experiencing a DIR-FCD program in action followed by a conference that provides the practice of the practical application of the model gives participants a wealth of ideas and strategies to go back to his or her own home or work and immediately apply what they learned!


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