Profectum's DIR® Certificate Level 2 (CL2) Course Starts May 2024 Learn More


Profectum's DIR® Certificate Level 2 (CL2) Course Starts May 2024

About this Conference

The DIR (Developmental Individual Difference,Relationship based) Model pioneered Parent-mediated Intervention (PMI) for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Relationships are fundamental to every aspect of a child’s development and parents are the agents of change paving the way for growth and lifelong functional competence and independence. This conference will  bridge clinical and research models of PMI that support progress and enhances outcomes for children with autism.  Learn the research developmental science that captures the nuance of parent-child interactions and measures change.  See how therapists and educators work with parents and children of all ages in different settings to advance development. Additionally, the DIR-FCD Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD) will be presented. These capacities underscore each individual’s readiness for maximizing progress and success throughout their lifespan.  Various foundational capacities and practical strategies to nurture them in children and young adults with a range of abilities will be illustrated. Finally, take a longitudinal journey with us and hear from young adults with ASD as they reflect on their experiences and parent interactions as they strived for competence and independence.

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This Conference is available as a Webcast Series here.


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