Profectum's DIR® Certificate Level 2 (CL2) Course Starts May 2024 Learn More


Profectum's DIR® Certificate Level 2 (CL2) Course Starts May 2024

About this Conference

Research is providing insight into how the brain thinks, creates and feels. This scientific progress also reveals that for each person, brain plasticity allows competencies to develop even when early indications imply limitations. Webcasts from Profectum Foundation’s 2nd international conference provide access to presentations by leading scientists, clinicians, and educators feature state- of- the-art research and treatment models to advance progress for individuals with autism (ASD), sensory processing disorders (SPD), behavioral and learning challenges of all ages. Explore the newest scientific discoveries in “executive function”, sensory processing, motor planning and timing, communication and oppositional behavior. These scientific findings confirm the use of the DIR-FCD™ model in your home, classroom and clinic to enhance working memory, attention, self control, sensory motor integration and visual spatial knowledge. Case discussions and videos will demonstrate treatment strategies in all settings which support development of lifelong competencies for relating, thinking, feeling and functioning.This conference helps you understand the barriers to progress and “how to” move forward through case discussions, examining underlying processes, hands on workshops, and the opportunity to learn how to interact and play with your child using the techniques of Floortime to promote progress.

Webcast Series Available

This Conference is available as a Webcast Series here.


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