Profectum's DIR® Certificate Level 2 (CL2) Course Starts May 2024 Learn More


Profectum's DIR® Certificate Level 2 (CL2) Course Starts May 2024

About this Conference

Research is providing insight into how the brain thinks, creates and feels. Scientific progress also reveals that for each person brain plasticity allows competencies to develop even when early implications imply limitations. Explore the newest scientific discoveries on how to recognize an individual’s challenges expressing intent and ideas. These challenges often stem from sensory processing, motor control and executive function difficulties derailing the ability to define and effectively respond to and achieve specific goals. In the DIR-FCD™ model intent and function are embedded in the affect that drives desire and gives meaning to communication via the relationships that mediate developmental progress. For so long many thought it was the processes of the mind that guided the body, but our understanding of mind and body is evolving as current neuroscience focuses on the interactions between the body and its environment, including other people, and how these interactions shape the mind. This conference presented scientific research related to sensory motor process, executive function and state of the art developmental practice. Distinguished guest experts and the Profectum faculty engaged in a dialogue related to the challenges we observe in ASD as individuals get older sharing new treatment paradigms, strategies to support functional capacities, and how new science offers hope in being able to support each child’s exploration and self-discovery in natural environments leading to functional competence.

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