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  • Stress: Understanding its Impact, Symptoms & Recovery – New York City, October 30, 2016. Everyone knows stress. It is part of life, part of development, and for many families and children with special needs and ASD, stress is inevitable and often persistent. Learning difficulties, anxiety, medical conditions, chronic pain, communication and functional difficulties cause emotional and behavioral challenges. Stress affects the brain and interferes with development. This conference will focus on the body-mind connection and how rapid state changes turn into stress responses. Promoting and restoring physiological calm and attention for relating and learning is essential and is the foundation for all facets of development. We will introduce the new technology to detect stress and show how the DIR Model supports and restores physiological and emotional regulation to allow development to progress.

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  • Awakening Human Potential in Mind and Body – Pasadena, CA, March 18 – 20, 2016. The Profectum Foundation supports parents and professionals as they strive to help each individual reach their full potential regardless of their diagnosis. The Awakening Human Potential in Mind and Body conference brought autism and mental health treatment up to date through the latest research and practice supporting the mind and body. Four novel areas holding great promise in supporting well-being were highlighted in this conference.

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  • Capturing the Power and Potential of Play, Movement & Creativity – New York City, October 18, 2015. Over the centuries, across species and cultures, play provided the opportunity for exploration, discovery, and creativity. Play was for fun and enjoyment, a time to move and think, spawning attachments, shared attention, engagement, and relationships. In an age when less time is devoted to play, and digital or instructional activities dominate, the power of natural play is in peril. Today neuroscientists confirm play is biologically based and stimulates brain growth, essential for emotional, cognitive, language and social capacities in all children, including those with sensory processing and autism spectrum disorders. But are “right and wrong” answers displacing emotional thinking, creativity, movement, and the joy of learning? Current science shows physical play provides a pathway to regulation- sensory modulation, attention, emotional regulation and perseverance- and Floortime fosters creative ways to express feelings, to problem solve and to become symbolic. So, do children with special needs need more or less play? This conference aims to help parents and professionals understand the developmental foundations for play and the experiences necessary to capture its power and potential. The role of the creative arts therapies will be highlighted as a creative extension of play and the therapeutic powers of play will be addressed.

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  • Power and Promise of Neurodevelopmental Approaches – Pasadena, March 13-15, 2015. All development occurs across a wide spectrum of individual differences and within a variety of environmental circumstances.  Scientists are increasingly demonstrating just how important these differences are to the architecture of the developing brain.  This conference brings pre-eminent scientists together to engage in dialogue with clinical professionals, parents and neurodiverse individuals. They will share knowledge and bridge gaps between existing theory, scientific methodologies, clinical practice, and real life experiences.  The conference aims to provide parents and professionals an opportunity to develop new ways of supporting individuals with neurodevelopmental differences in relation to their unique individual profiles and personal growth curves, within a foundation of presumed competence.

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  • Awakening Thinking in the Body and Mind – New York City, November 16, 2014. This conference presents scientific research related to sensory motor process, executive function and state of the art developmental practice. Distinguished guest experts and the Profectum Faculty engages in a dialogue related to the challenges we observe in ASD as individuals get older sharing new treatment paradigms, strategies to support functional capacities, and how new science offers hope in being able to support each child’s exploration and self-discovery in natural environments leading to functional competence.

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  • Awakening Potential through Brain Science – Pasadena, March 21-23, 2014.  Research is providing insight into how the brain thinks, creates and feels. This scientific progress also reveals that for each person, brain plasticity allows competencies to develop even when early indications imply limitations.  This conference provides access to presentations by leading scientists, clinicians, and educators feature state- of- the-art research and treatment models to advance progress for individuals with Autism (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD), behavioral and learning challenges of all ages.

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  • Overcoming Barriers to Progress: Vital Pathways to Advance Development – New York City , October 23-24, 2013.  This conference helps you understand the barriers to progress and “how to” move forward through case discussions, examining underlying processes, hands on workshops, and the opportunity to learn how to interact and play with your child using the techniques of Floortime to promote progress.

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  • Three Dimensional Thinking in Autism and Stress Related Disorders: Expanding Frontiers to Advance Development for Children Across the Lifespan – Pasadena, April 12-14, 2013.  Keynote presentations feature leading researchers sharing their latest findings, as well as clinicians and educators pioneering state-of-the-art multi-dimensional intervention approaches for children, adolescents and individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs. The role of stress-related disorders either secondary to an individual’s special needs or the result of early childhood trauma and the impact on development and well-being will be explored.

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  • Engaging Autism: Exploring a Common Ground between the DIR model and ABA – New York City, October 21, 2012. This conference aimed to expand the scope of ASD intervention by exploring the common ground and complimentary relationship between the DIR model and ABA approaches.

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  • Autism Solutions: Pathways to Progress – Chicago, July 13-14, 2012. This conference focused on using the Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD™) and the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship (DIR model) based model to build a comprehensive intervention plan.

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  • Autism Solutions: Pathways to Progress – New York City, September 25, 2011. Profectum Foundation’s inaugural regional training conference welcomed parents, clinicians, educators, early intervention specialists and others interested in broadening their understanding of the DIR model and the Floortime model, with other integrated treatment approaches.

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