In our efforts to help parents, we have assembled some of the videos and webcasts created by other organizations that may be helpful. Profectum Foundation provides this information as a public service. Listings in this section do not imply endorsement by the Profectum Foundation, nor are we responsible for the contents.

Yale Child Study Center

  • Overview of Autism – Professor Fred Volkmar introduces the Yale College Autism Seminar and provides a general overview of autism and related disorders.
  • Treatments for Autism: Overview of Model Programs – Professor Fred Volkmar covers an overview of model programs for the treatment of autism.
  • Communication in Autism – Dr. Rhea Paul defines terms related to communication and reviews typical communication development.
  • Social Development in Autism – Dr. Ami Klin discusses emerging mechanisms of socialization and their disruption in infants and toddlers with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Changing Face of Autism: Adolescents & Adults – Professor Fred Volkmar discusses what we have learned about autism, and how we are turning our research into practice for adolescents and young adults on the spectrum.

Videos from other sources

  • Autistic-Like: Graham’s Story – Made by Graham’s father, this film explores the family’s quest for a diagnosis and how to best help their son.
    Dr. Ricki Robinson (Profectum’s Medical Director) speaks about autism spectrum disorder.
    Dr. Stanley Greenspan speaks about the DIR/Floortime model approach.
  • ASD Video Glossary (Autism Speaks).  New video designed to help parents and professionals learn more about the early red flags and diagnostic features of autism spectrum disorders.  It also presents some of the more commonly used interventions for children on the autism spectrum: behavioral interventions, developmental interventions, structured teaching and supports, clinical therapies, and toddler treatment models. Register at the Autism Speaks website to gain free access to this video.
  • New Developments in Autism Spectrum Disorders – Dr. Eric Hollander (Mount Sinai School of Medicine) discusses the underlying neurobiology and brain circuitry of the repetitive behavior and social deficits domains. He also discusses new treatment developments for repetitive behaviors, social deficits, neurocognition and disruptive behaviors. (M.I.N.D. Institute Lecture Series on Neurodevelopmental Disorders).
  • Autism: The Musical follows five children with autism as they prepare, rehearse and perform in a musical production.

If you have found other videos and webcasts that may be helpful to parents, please contact us to let us know.