DIR-FCD™ Model Specialty Courses and Tutoring

DIR-FCD™ Model Bridge Courses

Bridges Courses Coming Soon!  Bridge Courses will be short, intensive courses on a specific topic. These courses will allow academy members to sharpen their skills in specific areas of intervention such as: Parent Coaching; Reflective Supervision; Understanding Behavior; The DIR-FCD™ Model in Early Intervention; Tutoring; Symbolic Play; How to Support your Team and Connecting to the Community; Visual Spatial Development; and more.

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DIR-FCD™ Model Master Classes

The Master Class program was inaugurated in 2017 to provide graduates of our programs the opportunity to develop further expertise in areas they encounter working in their practices and schools in order to advance the development and functioning of the individuals they work with and their own knowledge.

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DIR-FCD™ Model Tutoring

The goal of the Profectum DIR-FCD™ tutoring program is to develop your competencies as a therapist/educator in conceptualizing the child within the DIR-FCD™ model framework, setting goals for working with the child and family, implementing intervention strategies and the ability to think about how a child’s intervention plan today impacts his or her future. You will present clips of the work you are doing and engage in a process of discussion and reflection.

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