• The Introduction to the DIR-FCD Model course is a self-directed, on-line, program consisting of webcast lectures and handouts. The program is designed to provide an overview of the DIR-FCD model including Floortime(TM) principles and strategies for parents and family members, clinicians, educators and administrators, public service providers and the general public.

    Topics Include:

    • Introduction to the DIR-FCD model
    • Principles of the DIR/Floortime model
    • Understanding Individual Differences in sensory processing, motor development, visual-spatial thinking and communication
    • Connecting the principles of the DIR/Floortime model and Individual Differences to develop strategies for treatment
    • Mental health considerations
    • Working with the older child and young adult
    • Creating a meaningful life for individuals with autism
    • Developmental perspective on behaviors
    • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of the course of development, individual differences and developmental challenges, and exhibit observation, assessment, interaction and comprehensive intervention skills

    Some of the webcasts in this course have been taken from Profectum’s certificate courses and provides a glimpse into the level of training that is provided from these courses. Important topics, including general principles/strategies and the Functional Emotional Developmental Levels, are reviewed throughout many of the webcasts to facilitate an introductory understanding of the model. While the course is designed to provide knowledge of the DIR-FCD model, the participant will also receive practical strategies that can be applied in their work with children (or a parent with his or her child.)  This course is recommended as a prerequisite to Profectum’s certificate courses, but is not required.


    If you are interested in this program, add the course item on the right sidebar to your cart and check out. There is a $99 fee.  No application is necessary.

    Technology Considerations

    To make our training available to as broad a group as possible regardless of geography or time zones, Profectum uses video streaming and video conferencing as our standard technology tools. The course relies on you watching webcasts on your own and joining class discussions using video conferencing.  Thus you will need a relatively modern PC/MAC and modern broadband internet access.  While Wi-fi can work if your home/office has excellent connectivity, a wired internet connection to your PC/MAC is highly recommended.