• Educators Certificate in the DIR-FCD Model

    The Profectum Educators Certificate in the DIR-FCD Model is a 10-month, online program for teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and related service providers working in a school setting who want to integrate the Profectum DIR-FCD* school model into their practice.

    This 21stCentury school model for students with autism and other special needs is a progressive, interdisciplinary model based on the latest neuroscience and research in education and developmental disorders.  A systematic curriculum provides the theoretical knowledge and applied educational and clinical foundations for integrating dynamic educational programs that meet the individual needs of students into any school settings.  Weekly webcasts build knowledge and skills in a variety of instructional areas via lecture and classroom video examples. This intensive 10-month program offers a combination of required webcast courses, online interactive class participation, and reflective tutoring.

    *DIR (Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship Based Intervention) and the FCD (Foundational Capacities for Development)

    Goals and Objectives of the Educators Certificate in the DIR-FCD Model

    Profectum’s Educators Certificate in the DIR-FCD Model participants will gain knowledge about:

    • The components of the DIR-FCD Model and how these are applied in a 21st Century School for students with diverse needs, including autistic spectrum disorders
    • The individual sensory-motor, visual-spatial profiles of students with diverse needs and how this profile impacts development and learning in the classroom
    • The practical application, best practices, principles and strategies for maximizing progress in students with diverse needs
    • The importance of supporting and working as partners to foster your students’ development
    • Leadership practices that promote respect for and presumed competence in students and how to train and empower staff
    • How to infuse the 21st Century School Model into existing schools and how to integrate different intervention approaches
    • The role of mental health professionals, related service providers and the creative arts in the 21st Century School model
    • The hidden meaning behind behavior and what the student may really be communicating
    • How maximizing communication in the classroom realizes higher levels of intelligence, self-esteem, participation, peer relationships and overall success
    • How fostering relationships, community and global connections allows the student with diverse needs to generalize abilities beyond the school setting
    • The long-term outcome of students who have had access to the 21st Century School Model


    Please download and complete the application for the Educators Certificate in the DIR-FCD Model. Contact [email protected] if you have questions.


    A minimum number of participants are required to run each course group. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a scheduled group if the required number of participants is not achieved.

    When you apply your email will be added to our contact list. You will be notified when your application has been reviewed and accepted and will receive information on course dates as it becomes available.

    Technology Considerations

    To make our training available to as broad a group as possible regardless of geography or time zones, Profectum uses video streaming and video conferencing as our standard technology tools. The course relies on you watching webcasts on your own and joining class discussions using video conferencing.  Thus you will need a relatively modern PC/MAC and modern broadband internet access.  While Wi-fi can work if your home/office has excellent connectivity, a wired internet connection to your PC/MAC is highly recommended.