DIR-FCD™ Model Master Classes

Course Overview

The Master Class was inaugurated in 2017 to provide graduates of our programs the opportunity to develop further expertise in areas they encounter working in their practices and schools in order to advance the development and functioning of the individuals they work with and their own knowledge. Profectum Faculty consists of the most distinguished interdisciplinary professionals in the field of intervention and masters of the DIR model, led by Serena Wieder, PhD, the co-creator of DIR® and Clinical Director.

Topics are selected according to the interests of our graduates as they identify needs and questions working with families and siblings, parent-mediated intervention, climbing the symbolic ladder, mental health challenges, meaningful education, transitions as children grow older, and learning about the latest research and innovative programs. Master Classes are taught by renown senior faculty with extensive experience with reflective practice, training, presentations and publishing who engage the participants in dynamic discussions based on their questions and video clips. Participants come from many countries and these classes provide a comfortable, stress free chance to direct your own learning and network with others.

Criteria to Take the Course

Depending on the class, faculty may list criteria that varies from what is listed below.

  • Graduates and participants of all DIR® courses
  • Crossover candidates and other advanced certificate holders
  • Professionals working actively with DIR® interventions

Course Structure

Online via Zoom

1-5 sessions  | 1 to 1.5-hours per session

Depending on the class, online sessions could run weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Course Tuition

Tuition for a Master Classes varies class to class. Seats will be limited.

Course Completion Requirements

The following criteria must be met in order to acquire a certificate at the end of this class.

These criteria are monitored throughout the course:

  • No absences
  • Contribute to discussion
  • Uses technology as required by instructor
  • Camera is on for class

Technology Considerations

To make our training available to as broad a group as possible regardless of geography or time zones, Profectum uses video streaming and video conferencing as our standard technology tools. The course relies on you watching webcasts on your own and joining class discussions using video conferencing.  You will need a relatively modern PC/MAC and modern broadband internet access. While Wi-fi can work if your home/office has excellent connectivity, a wired internet connection to your PC/MAC is highly recommended.

Please contact – beth.arena@profectum.org – for more information.