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The goal of the Profectum DIR-FCD™ tutoring program is to develop your competencies as a therapist/educator in conceptualizing the child within the DIR-FCD™ model framework, setting goals for working with the child and family, implementing intervention strategies and the ability to think about how the a child’s intervention plan today impacts his or her future. You will present clips of the work you are doing and engage in a process of discussion and reflection.



Tutoring is for individuals who …

  • Are in the beginning stages of learning the DIR-FCD™ model and want entry-level guidance implementing the model
  • Are in other DIR-FCD™ model certificate programs and want to layer learning experiences with our expertise
  • Require additional tutoring before moving from one level of the DIR-FCD™ model certification to the next to deepen understanding and application of the model
  • Require a specialized or advanced level of supervision (e.g., someone who is supervising others in his or her clinic, agency, etc.)
  • Want to continue with professional development independent of Profectum Academy programs

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Although all providers in this directory have completed one or more of Profectum’s certificate training courses on the DIR-FCD model, the providers listed in this directory are independent contractors. Providers are not agents nor are they employees and nor are they under the control of Profectum Foundation. Providers are solely responsible for the quality of the services you receive.