Motor Control and Motor Development – A Key Foundational Component of the Individual Profile


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Motor Control and Motor Development: A Key Foundational Component of the “Individual Profile” to support a Dynamic DIR® Treatment for Children and their Families

Rosemary White, OTR/L and Aymen Balikci, PT, PhD

4 sessions | 1.5 hours per session | Biweekly on Tuesdays
Scheduled Dates: 3/7; 3/21; 4/4; 4/18
Meeting Time: 1:00 pm eastern time
Online via Zoom

This integrative approach blends Motor Learning Theory with DIR® in rich, client led interactions with the relationship in the forefront. This Masterclass will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the development of motor control according to then dynamic interaction of environmental and other individual factors, including 4 E’s of Motor Development (Embodied, Embedded, Enculturated, and Enabling.) We will highlight the underlying motor strengths and challenges with Individuals with ASD and other neurodiverse developmental profiles and within our work as DIR® Clinicians how to support ongoing development of the individual.

The program will explore motor control and development specifically from ecological, perception-action and dynamic systems theory, particularly related to environmental enrichment while taking into consideration “The Individual, the Task and the Environment” Environmental Enrichment (EE) provides increased levels of multisensory stimulation, physical activity and social interaction through eliciting spontaneous explorative behavior. This program will bring these theories of motor control and motor development into our clinical practice in DIR®, in which movement is elicited by the child’s intent and the co-regulation of the caregiver to support the child’s movement in the context of their intent, with consideration that always addresses the 5C’s for the child – Comfort, Competence, Confidence, Control and Communication. This program will be rich with video examples of sessions and promote interactive discussion with participants throughout.

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