Honoring Individual Differences (Saturday Only)

$225.00 /1 day


Saturday Only

Honoring Individual Differences: The Gateway to Supporting Neurodiversity in Autism & Mental Health Treatment

A ground-breaking conference dedicated to providing information on strength- based approaches informed by the latest neuroscience.

The conference presents a paradigm shift  from a disability perspective to approaches that value neurodiveristy and individual differences.  Come join us to hear international thought leaders and scientists who will help us see the difference between responses to stress (safety vs. threat) and what are commonly thought of as “disorders” and/or challenging behaviors. Through keynotes and in- depth case presentations, this thought provoking and inspirational conference will detail ways to support and presume competence in mental health and autism treatment.  Teenagers and young adults will enlighten us all about the challenges and hope they have experienced in a culture that does not yet support neurodiversity, through their words.

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