DIR Principles in the Early Childhood Classroom


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DIR® Principles in the Early Childhood Classroom

Susan Rindner

4 sessions | 1.5 hours per session | weekly on Wednesdays
Scheduled Dates: 2/1; 2/8; 2/15; 2/22
Meeting Time: 7:00 pm eastern time
Online via Zoom

In this class, participants will review the principles of DIR® as we explore individual differences in our students. Discussions will center on how to infuse DIRFloortime® into the many activities and routines of an early childhood classroom. We will focus on arousal levels and behaviors and positive DIRFloortime® strategies to help each child feel comfortable and confident in the classroom setting. Video examples will be used to illustrate possibilities. Participants will be asked to contribute their experiences verbally and/or with some video examples of their work with students. As a group, we will detect possible sensory profiles and brainstorm how to help each child succeed socially, emotionally, and academically.

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