Ms. Cases graduated from Montreal University, Canada, with a degree in occupational therapy and she has actively practiced in the Philadelphia area since 2002. Ms. Cases currently treats children across all age groups with a focus on children with developmental challenges affecting their engagement and social reciprocity.Ms. Cases is a graduate of the ICDL DIR institute since 2007, a member of the Profectum faculty and a DIR model facilitator at the DIR model training institute. Ms. Cases consults with different academic programs and lectures to various professional groups across the United States, providing support in adding sensory based intervention and facilitating engagement and social reciprocity throughout a child’s daily activities. Since 2010, Ms. Cases has lectured to various organization including the California Occupational Therapy Association, the Alaskan Occupational Therapy Association as well as lectured in Toronto, Canada to train parents and professional to understand and implement developmental models. Ms. Cases also tutors professionals nationally and internationally to support the use of the developmental models into their scope of practice.