Maria Aggio

Maria is a primary school teacher and a special education teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been working in the special education field since 1990. She completed a 6-month fellowship program in special education at Kennedy Krieger School, Baltimore, Maryland in 2000. Maria has been working in programs of trans-disciplinary assessment and intervention in early childhood and in particular, in intervention programs for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders. She is the Coordinator of the DIR Model Service at CETNA, FLENI ( and has worked at summer camp programs at Celebrate the Children School in New Jersey.

Maria has held a DIR model certificate since 2007 and served as a training leader at ICDL. She has co-coordinated numerous trainings in the DIR Floortime® in Argentina, both at FLENI and at UAI (Universidad Abierta Interamericana), in Buenos Aires and across the country. She provides DIR model-based interventions to children and their families and supervises and consults with professional teams working with children and adolescents with special needs. Maria has been invited to different conferences and lectures across the country to speak about the DIR model.