Ira Glovinsky, PhD 

I received my Advanced Certificate in School Psychology from Brooklyn College in 1972, my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1977. Mt Ph.D. was in Special Education. I was then also licensed as a Psychologist in Michigan. I worked for five years as a teacher in a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital in Michigan and when I received my Psychologist’s license, I moved into the Psychology Dept. in the Hospital and worked with severely acting out adolescents. I then helped develop an Early intervention Program in the hospital for preschoolers and led the program for two years. I also coordinated an NICU Level 3 follow-up team for two years in which we followed high risk premies from birth to five years. I started my private practice in 1982 and became involved with pediatric bipolar disorder at that time. I participated in a grant from the Harvard Dept of Psychiatry and Massachussets General Hospital for  about three years and began to specialize in that diagnosis, doing research, and publishing papers on pediatric bipolar disorder. By that time I met Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder and became involved with ICDL. Co-authored two books on mood disorders and pediatric bipolar disorder with Dr. Greenspan. When the Graduate School opened I taught with Dr. Greenspan and then became Academic Advisor of the program.

I have been in private practice since 1982 working primarily with emotionally dysregulated children and adolescents. I am still teaching in the Fielding Graduate University Infant and Early Childhood Program and for the last two years also teaching at Brooklyn College in New York in the Early Childhood/Arts Education Program. I developed and then co-taught a 12 credit Concentration at Fielding on Reflective Practice. I am now doing reflective practice/supervision with home visiting teachers and supervisors of the teachers in California, doing reflective practice with a law firm in Washington State, beginning a training project in Interoception in Michigan, and helping to develop an advanced certification program in early child development and reflective practice at Brooklyn College.