International Press Release – October 23, 2020

2020 has been a very challenging year in many respects. We have all had time to reflect on what is really important in life. Now more than ever, we want to celebrate what unites us, not divides us. Therefore it is not only timely but very exciting to announce that…

Profectum Foundation and ICDL have recognized the value of collaboration in a time when healthy relationships are a priority for everyone around the world.

In the spirit of “we can be stronger together,” our organizations have signed an agreement that outlines our mutual recognition and respect and our plans to move forward together. This agreement, and the collaboration it represents, is a very positive step forward for the DIR® community. The agreement provides for cross recognition of the Profectum and ICDL DIR® certificates as valid professional Floortime® credentials. It also allows for professionals who have trained with one organization to advance place into certificate courses with the other. Details of this advance placement process will be published on each organization’s website shortly.

Profectum and ICDL will remain independent not-for-profit organizations that will continue to offer separate training and certificate courses.

We believe that the diversity this affords is good for the DIR® community and for those seeking Floortime training and resources. However, the mutual recognition of the certificates issued and the collaborative efforts around advocacy, research, bringing DIR® to more underprivileged communities, will only strengthen our DIR® Family worldwide.

Profectum and ICDL look forward to partnering to make the DIR® Model that Drs. Greenspan and Wieder pioneered more available and accessible to children and families around the world.

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