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Addressing Anxiety and Other Mental Health Challenges in the Context of DIR model Intervention. Gilbert Foley, EdD and Ron Balamuth, PhD

Bullying: Prevention, Building Resilience & Creating Supportive CommunitiesLisa deFaria, LCSW, BCD, Monica Osgood, Karen McDowell

DIR model Informed Thinking: A Case Study in Treatment of Anxiety and ASD. Mona Delahooke, PhD

Emotional Development and Symbolic Thinking. Serena Wieder, PhD, Ron Balamuth, PhD and Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok, LCSW, PhD

Engaging Autism: Integration of the Developmental and Behavioral Approaches to Intervention.  Connie Kasari, PhD

Establishing a Secure Base for a Child and Family to Enhance Relationships, Learning and Self-Confidence: A 25 Year JourneyRuby Salazar, LCSW, BCD

Helping Parents Cope with Stress and Find ResilienceMona Delahooke, PhD, Elissa Epel, PhD, Barbara Kalmanson, PhD

“I’m Not Going to Lose It!” How to Stay Regulated and Calm While Helping Your Child Work Through Challenging Issues – Parents and Professionals Working Together. Moderator: Mona Delahooke, PhD,  Panel: Megan Browne, Marikay Cuthill, Jennie Linthorst

Individuals Grow Best Within Family Relationships.  Ruby Salazar, LCSW, BCD

Super Parenting: Building Stress Resiliency in Parents of Special Needs Children.  Elissa Epel, PhD, Barbara Kalmanson, PhD

The Domino Effect on All Aspects of Development When Visual Spatial Knowledge is Curtailed.  Serena Wieder, PhD

The Eye-Brain-Body Continuum and its Role in the Visual/Spatial Cognitive ProfileLeonard J. Press, OD, Serena Wieder, PhD

The Path to Joint Attention: Challenges and Stressors Along the RoadGriff Doyle, PhD

The Parent Perspective: Building a Treatment Team that is Right for Each ChildJoyce Show, Yudi Bennet

Visual Spatial Challenge’s Domino Effect on All Aspects of DevelopmentSerena Wieder, PhD, Karen McDowell