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Addressing Anxiety and Other Mental Health Challenges in the Context of DIR model Intervention. Gilbert Foley, EdD, EdD, Ron Balamuth, PhD

Advanced Clinical Thinking – Sensory Processing and Psychodynamics: An Integration of Theory, Thinking and Technique for Advanced Practice Across Disciplines. Tal Baz MS, OTR/L and Gilbert Foley, EdD, PhD

Ask the Doctor! Selecting Effective Treatment OptionsEric Hollander, MD

Blended Developmental-Behavioral Intervention for Toddlers at Risk for Autism: The Southern California BRIDGE Collaborative. Joshua Feder, MD

Behavior as Communication: What is the child really telling you? Ricki G. Robinson, MD, MP

Building Competencies from Pre-K thru Young Adulthood in Public and Private School SettingsMonica G. Osgood, Christine Seminaro, M Ed, Karen McDowell

Bullying: Prevention, Building Resilience & Creating Supportive CommunitiesLisa deFaria, LCSW, BCD, Monica G. Osgood, Karen McDowell

Coaching Parents. Barbara Kalmanson, PhD and Ruby Salazar, LCSW, BCD

Common Medical Conditions and ASD and Related Developmental. Traci Swink, MD

Communication and Anxiety. Cindy Harrison, M.Sc., Reg. CASLPO

Communication: Pathways to Progress. Cindy Harrison, M.Sc., Reg. CASLPO

Comprehension Across the Spectrum: A Longitudinal Story of a Child’s Triumphs and Struggles with Language Development.  Sima Gerber, PhD, CCC

Creating a Future: Challenges and Solutions Across the Lifespan. Ricki G. Robinson, MD, MP

Developing Development: Foundational Capacities for Development. Serena Wieder, PhD

Development and the DIR Model.  Serena Wieder, PhD

DIR/FCD model Assessment and Intervention for Older Children and Young AdultsDiane Selinger, PhD, Karen McDowell, Michele Parkins, OTR/L

DIR Floortime® Functional Emotional Development Levels 1-4. Lisa deFaria, LCSW, Griff Doyle, PhD

DIR Floortime® Functional Emotional Developmental Levels 5-9. Lisa deFaria, LCSW, Griff Doyle, PhD, Monica Osgood

DIR Informed Thinking: A Case Study in Treatment of Anxiety and ASD. Mona Delahooke, PhD

DIR in the School Environment: How the DIR model has been integrated into two distinct school settings (one public, one private). Moderator: Monica G. Osgood, Panel: Linda Cervenka, MA, CCC-SLP; Michele Ricamato, MA, CCC-SLP; Christene Seminaro, M.Ed; Diane Selinger, PhD, Brenna Kelly, Jennifer McKenna-Hein, OT

Do You “See” It? Recognizing Challenges and Intervention OptionsLeonard J. Press, Mehrnaz D. Azimi Green

Does the Intervention Fit? The Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD) and the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship based model (DIR).  Serena Wieder, PhD

Education: Using an Integrated Approach in Pre-school and Elementary School Programs. Monica G. Osgood

Education: Using an Integrated Approach in Middle School, High School and Young Adult Programs. Barbara Kalmanson, PhD and Monica G. Osgood

Emotional Development and Symbolic Thinking. Serena Wieder, PhD, Ron Balamuth, PhD and Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok, LCSW, PhD

Engaging Autism: Developmental Implications for Intervention. Connie Kasari, PhD

Engaging Autism: Intergration of the Developmental and Behavioral Approaches to Intervention.  Connie Kasari, PhD

Establishing a Secure Base for a Child and Family to Enhance Relationships, Learning and Self-Confidence: A 25 Year JourneyRuby Salazar, LCSW, BCD

Executive Functioning and the DIR-FCD model in SchoolsMonica G Osgood, Christine Seminaro, M Ed, George McCloskey, PhD

Executive Functioning through the Developmental Lens: How the Functional-Emotional Developmental Levels (FEDL’s) Foster the Evolution of Executive FunctionsMonica G. Osgood, Griffin Doyle, PhD

Facilitating Parent-Child DIR Floortime® Interactions Across Language and Communication Stages: Following the Parent’s Lead.  Sima Gerber, PhD, CCC-SLP, Helen Weitman

Foundational Capacities for Development – The FCD’s: The Role of Experience and the Importance of Developmental ReadinessSerena Wieder, PhD

Helping Parents Cope with Stress and Find ResilienceMona Delahooke, PhD, Elissa Epel, PhD, Barbara Kalmanson, PhD

How to Create a Meaningful Life for Every Child. Ricki G. Robinson, MD

“I’m Not Going to Lose It!” How to Stay Regulated and Calm While Helping Your Child Work Through Challenging Issues – Parents and Professionals Working Together. Moderator: Mona Delahooke, PhD,  Panel: Megan Browne, Marikay Cuthill, Jennie Linthorst

Individuals Grow Best Within Family Relationships.  Ruby Salazar, LCSW, BCD

Intensive Developmental Interventions for Young Children with Autism: New Evidence. Richard Solomon, MD

Integrating ABA and Developmental Approaches. Joanne Gerenser, PhD

Integrating Visual-Spatial Thinking in the School CurriculumKaren McDowell, Michelle Parkins, OTR/L, Liza Kali, MSHS, BS OTR/L

Looking Beyond Communication – A Case Study. Sherri Cawn, MA, CCC-SLP; Caroline Ferguson MSLP(C), CCC-SLP; Beth Osten, MS, OTR/L; Diane Selinger, PhD

Model Case Presentation: An Adolescent With an Autism Spectrum Disorder Presenting with Chronic Stress in an Educational Setting.  Monica Osgood, Lisa deFaria, LCSW, BCD

New Research Evidence for Developmental Approaches in the Treatment of ASD – Showcasing the P.L.A.Y.® Project.  Richard Solomon, MD

Pathways to Progress: Essential Experiences to Advance Development the DIR model and the Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD). Serena Wieder, PhD

Pathways to Progress: Integrated Perspectives. Serena Wieder, PhD, Lynn Gonzalez, Monica G. Osgood, Tal Baz, MS, OTR/L

When Development Stalls … Does the Intervention Fit? The Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD) and the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship based model (DIR). Serena Wieder, PhD

Realizing Potential: School Programs that Recognize Intelligence and Prepare Students with Diverse Needs for Successful Futures.  Monica Osgood

Relationship Based Augmentative Approaches with Non-Verbal Learners: The Continuum of Augmentative Approaches Tailored to Individual Needs.  Lynn Abelson, MA, CCC-SLP, OTR/L, Serena Wieder, PhD

Sensory Integration and Individual Differences: Synchrony of the Sensory, Emotional, Social Triad. Rosemary White, OTR/L

Sensory Processing and Neuroimaging Assessment to Guide Treatment InterventionsElysa Marco, MD

Sensory Processing and Neuroimaging Assessment: Case Presentations of Treatment that is Informed and Supported by the ResearchRosemary White, OTR/L, Panel: Sherri Cawn, MA CCC-SLP, Traci Swink, MD, Diane Selinger, PhD

Social Thinking and Communication: Bridging Developmental and Cognitive Behavioral Strategies. Cortney Grove, MA, CCC-SLP and Jerri Krantz, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech, Language and Communication: Finding the holes in the Swiss CheeseSherri Cawn, MA, CCC-SLP, Marilee Burgeson, MA, CCC-SLP

Success and Challenges Living with ASD as a Young Adult: Executive Functions and other Foundational Capacities Needed for LifeJennifer Ahluwalia, Keir Keebler, Anie Knipping, Alec Martinez, Katie Monroe, John Ritchie, Jenn Zaloom

Super Parenting: Building Stress Resiliency in Parents of Special Needs Children.  Elissa Epel, PhD, Barbara Kalmanson, PhD

Technology Meets Science: Towards a New Quantitative Path of Hope in Autism Spectrum DisordersElizabeth Torres, PhD

The 21st Century School Model for Children with Diverse NeedsMonica G. Osgood, Lauren Blaszak

The Development of Motor Control in the Sensory Affective Rhythm of Child/Caregiver Interaction. Rosemary White, OTR/L, Beth Osten, MS, OTR/L

The Dialogue Continues: Broadening the Scope of Intervention. Ron Balamuth, PhD, Gilbert Foley, EdD, Sima Gerber, PhD, CCC-SLP, Christie Virtue, PhD, Avital Balsam, MA, CCC-SLP along with guest parents

The DIR model in the School Environment: How the DIR model has been integrated into two distinct school settings (one public, one private) . Moderator – Monica G. Osgood | Panel – Linda Cervenka, MA, CCC-SLP; Michele Ricamato, MA, CCC-SLP; Christine Seminaro, M Ed; Diane Selinger, PhD; with Jennifer McKenna-Hein, OT and Brenna Kelly from Soaring Eagle Academy

The Domino Effect on All Aspects of Development When Visual Spatial Knowledge is Curtailed.  Serena Wieder, PhD

The Dyadic Space – Where Affect and Sensory Merge. Tal Baz MS, OTR, Rosemary White OTR/L and Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok, LCSW, PhD

The Eye-Brain-Body Continuum and its Role in the Visual/Spatial Cognitive ProfileLeonard J. Press, OD, Serena Wieder, PhD

The Importance of Working with Families. Gilbert Foley, EdD and Ruby Salazar, LCSW, BCD

The Parent Perspective: Building a Treatment Team that is Right for Each ChildJoyce Show, MD, Yudi Bennet

The Path to Joint Attention: Challenges and Stressors Along the RoadGriff Doyle, PhD

The Paths to Language: Knowing When To Teach What. Sima Gerber, PhD, CCC

The P.L.A.Y Project.  Richard Solomon, MD

Think Before You Move!  Darlene Hansen, MA, CCC-SLP, Peggy Schafer, MM, MT-BC, Emma Cladis

Understanding Behavior Through the Developmental – Biomedical Lens: Using a Team Approach to Finding Solutions. Monica G. Osgood, Eric Hollander, MD

Understanding Executive Function and Its Role as a Core CompetencyGeorge McCloskey, PhD

Using a Developmental Approach to Address Anxiety in Children with ASD. Ricki Robinson, MD, MPH

Using Movement to Close Sensory Feedback Loops and Scaffold Cognition in ASDElizabeth Torres, PhD

Visual Spatial Challenge’s Domino Effect on All Aspects of DevelopmentSerena Wieder, PhD, Karen McDowell

We are All Advocates for Progress. Moderator: Christie Virtue-Herman, PhD Panel: Gina Chaney, Amy Steinberg, Jill Greenberg Kail, Esq