Fielding Graduate University and Profectum Foundation Enter Reciprocal Agreement

Fielding Graduate University and Profectum Foundation enter reciprocal agreement in “developmental, individual difference, relationship-based” training and research.

Profectum Foundation and Fielding Graduate University, two organizations offering education and advanced training, have signed an articulation agreement to collaborate and expand the outreach of both clinical practice as well as research. This agreement is the beginning of a relationship that aims to benefit practitioners and families interested in fostering a developmental approach to children with neurodiversity and their families.

  • Fielding Graduate University Program and Profectum Foundation Clinical Training Program Jointly Expand on Opportunities for Research, Education, and Practice
  • Furthers Developmental Theory, Assessment, and Intervention Serving Children with Neurodiversity and their Families

Fielding Graduate University’s Infant and Early Childhood Development (IECD) doctoral program and Profectum’s clinical training program entered into this academic agreement to provide students expanded opportunities for both increased academic study and research, and certification, respectively.

The Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based Model, by Drs. Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, has served as a philosophical foundation for the IECD program from its inception. The model is used by occupational and physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other mental health practitioners, neurologists, pediatricians, and special education teachers as an assessment/ intervention for children with neurodiversity, such as autism, emotional and sensory regulation challenges, and developmental delays, and their families.

Serena Wieder, PhD

“The Developmental, Individual difference, Relationship-based Model provides a foundation for functional and social-emotional development and learning,” said Serena Wieder, PhD, Profectum Foundation’s Clinical Director.  “We are delighted with the reciprocity with Fielding because while we offer certificates and applied training, Fielding opens the door for academics and increased research. Partnering makes it even better, as there will be more practitioners and more choices for parents and families.”

Jenene W. Craig, PhD

“This is a partnership that furthers our work toward best evidence-based practice and clinical applications across both IECD and Profectum,” said Jenene W. Craig, PhD, director of the Infant & Early Childhood Development (IECD) doctoral program in Fielding’s School of Psychology. “It’s a hallmark moment that furthers research and education about theory, assessment, intervention, and clinical work.”

Program Details

Fielding’s three-course series is equivalent to Profectum’s Certificate Level 1 course (CL1) and makes Fielding students eligible to apply for acceptance in Profectum’s Certificate Level 2 course (CL2). Once registered for Profectum’s CL2 Certificate, students will receive certification for CL1. Profectum students who complete the CL1 Certificate also receive articulation credit should they be accepted into Fielding’s IECD PhD program.

“This articulation allows for an advanced experience for practitioners who want to go to the next level,” adds Dr. Wieder, “be it through Profectum’s certificate programs or Fielding’s IECD PhD program.”

Dr. Craig adds, “This agreement also facilitates greater opportunities for both IECD and Profectum students in recognition of shared competencies.”

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