Profectum 2022 Conference: Synchrony and Communities

Situating Identity, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into DIR-Centered Work

Friday, November 11, 2022


Dr. Barbara Stroud, PhD


Profectum and DIR® have a long history of celebrating the individual differences we all bring into the world. Our fall conference continues that mission by reflecting on socio-cultural identity as fundamental to the definition of individual difference. History, culture and socio-cultural identity are inseparable from a child’s relationship to self, others and the larger world. Regulation, engagement, reciprocity, sense of self, and symbols all develop somatically within context. It is crucial for DIR practitioners to examine how systems, policies and dominant culture practices built on white supremacy and dominant culture paradigms continue to impede development for many children and families. Join us for a day of listening, learning, and reflecting on these important parts of DIR® practice.

Fall Conference Committee: Tyler Choate; Cortney Grove; Laura Jendusa; Mary Ann O’Connell; Ruby Salazar, Special Advisor; Chris Seminaro; Tara Toland


Barbara Stroud, PhD, is a licensed psychologist with over three decades worth of culturally informed clinical practice in early childhood development and mental health. She is a founding organizer and the inaugural president (2017-2019) of the California Association for Infant Mental Health, a ZERO TO THREE Fellow, and holds prestigious endorsements as an Infant and Family Mental Health Specialist/Reflective Practice Facilitator Mentor. In 2018 Dr. Stroud was honored with the Bruce D. Perry Spirit of the Child Award. Embedded in all of her trainings and consultations are the activities of reflective practice, demonstrating cultural attunement, and holding a social justice lens in the work. Dr. Stroud’s book “How to Measure a Relationship” [published 2012] is improving infant mental health practices around the globe and is now available in Spanish. Her second book, an Amazon best seller, “Intentional Living: finding the inner peace to create successful relationships” walks the reader through a deeper understanding of how their brain influences relationships. Both volumes are currently available on Amazon. Additionally, Dr. Stroud is a contributing author to the text “Infant and early childhood mental health: Core concepts and clinical practice” edited by Kristie Brandt, Bruce Perry, Steve Seligman, & Ed Tronick.
Dr. Stroud received her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and she has worked largely with children in urban communities with severe emotional disturbance.  Dr. Stroud’s professional career path has allowed her to work across service delivery silos supporting professionals in mental health, early intervention (part c), child welfare, early care and education, family court staff, primary care, and other arenas. She is highly regarded and has been a key player in the inception and implementation of cutting-edge service delivery to children Prenatal to five and their families; her innovative approaches have won national awards. More specifically, Dr. Stroud is a former preschool director, a non-public school administrator, director of infant mental health services and agency training coordinator. She has held an adjunct faculty position at California State Long Beach and maintained a faculty position in the Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship for 12 years. Currently, Dr. Stroud’s primary focus is professional training and private consultation from an anti-racist lens, with a focus on social justice, in the field of infant mental health. Dr. Stroud remains steadfast in her mission to ‘changing the world – one relationship at a time’.

Profectum 2022 Conference: Synchrony and Communities