Profectum Spring Conference

Supporting Relational Synchrony: The Central Role of Regulation of Arousal, Sensation, Motion and Emotion in the Development of Agency and the Sense of Self

Sunday, May 15 and Sunday, May 22

Relationships are at the heart of development for all of us. They play a pivotal role in integrating body-brain systems which are in constant motion and dynamic interaction, and are key to the development of agency and self.

What we observe in behavior is only the “tip of the iceberg.” Underneath these behavioral patterns are layers of challenges, not easily detectable to the naked eye of the diagnostician, therapist, parent, and even to oneself.

In this cutting edge conference, neuroscientific research and clinical practice will be combined in dynamic, inspiring, and valuable ways in a journey to a greater understanding of intentionality, regulation, and social communication. Addressing the foundational underpinnings of relationships and behaviors that define neurodivergent development, including autism, will help the clinician design personalized approaches that promote respectful, non-ableist supports and advance the emergence of self and agency.

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