Profectum Immersion Experience

Profectum Immersion Experience

Saturday, March 14 & Sunday, March 15, 2020

Villa Esperanza School | Pasadena, CA

A 2-Day, In-person Intensive Training, Learning and Networking Event for Clinicians, Educators, Paraprofessionals and Parents/Caregivers

Join us March 14-15, 2020 at the Villa Esperanza School in Pasadena, California for The Profectum DIR® Model Immersion Experience, an intensive, in-person training opportunity for clinicians, educators, paraprofessionals and parents desiring to advance their DIR® Model Assessment and Intervention abilities through video case-based discussions. Guided by the stellar Profectum Faculty, this “Immersion” experience will allow you to delve into the DIR® Model by working together in small groups supported by fellow professionals or parents. You will hone your skills of observation and problem solving through multidisciplinary lenses about children with developmental challenges.

The experience you gain will be able to be applied immediately as you work with individuals of all ages and families in your own setting! You are sure to come away with new easy to use tools, interactive strategies, insights, and inspiration! We are here to make this an exciting, enjoyable and enriching experience for YOU and can’t wait to work and think together!

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Conference Brochure

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