Serena Wieder, PhD

The DIR® model intervention begins with comprehensive assessment of each person’s developmental and interactive capacities and individual differences with the goal of reestablishing the developmental sequence that has been derailed. The primary goal is to establish a relationship that creates interactive, affective opportunities to negotiate the partially mastered or yet to be mastered functional emotional developmental process across all intervention modalities. Rather than focus only on isolated behaviors or skills, the DIR® model focuses on the essential developmental processes and differences that underlie particular symptoms, behaviors or learning challenges. This lecture will discuss the basic principles of intervention from following a child’s initiative and intent, meeting each child at his developmental level, to broadening the range of interactive experiences and emotions, to tailoring interactions to the child’s individual differences while mobilizing all levels simultaneously and more. These basic principles and more will provide the guidelines for best practice, monitoring progress and knowing when change is needed as the child grows or progress hits barriers.