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    7th Annual NY/NJ Conference

    October 25, 2017 - October 26, 2017

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    October 25 & 26, 2017

    Hilton Newark Penn Station  |  Newark, NJ

    Relationships: The Key to Progress 

    Empower Parents, Promote Sustainable Outcomes, and Unlock Potential for Individuals with Autism and Other Mental Health Challenges

    The DIR (Developmental Individual Difference,Relationship based) Model pioneered Parent-mediated Intervention (PMI) for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Relationships are fundamental to every aspect of a child’s development and parents are the agents of change paving the way for growth and lifelong functional competence and independence.

    This conference will  bridge clinical and research models of PMI that support progress and enhances outcomes for children with autism.  Learn the research developmental science that captures the nuance of parent-child interactions and measures change.  See how therapists and educators work with parents and children of all ages in different settings to advance development.

    Additionally, the DIR-FCD Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD) will be presented. These capacities underscore each individual’s readiness for maximizing progress and success throughout their lifespan.  Various foundational capacities and practical strategies to nurture them in children and young adults with a range of abilities will be illustrated. Finally, take a longitudinal journey with us and hear from young adults with ASD as they reflect on their experiences and parent interactions as they strived for competence and independence.

    Day 1 Theme:  The Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based (DIR) Model and Parent-mediated Interventions: Research, Theory and Practice with  Jonathan Green, MD; Catherine Lord, PhD, Serena Wieder, PhD and Sima Gerber, PhD, CCC-SLP

    Day 2 Theme: Developing Self-Regulation, Confidence and Competencies for Life with DIR-FCD Interventions with Kerry Magro, Anie Knipping and Monica G. Osgood

    Who should attend?

    Professionals of all disciplines and parents concerned with the development of individuals with challenges in relating, communicating, learning, making transitions and developing competencies for independent living.

    Physicians | Clinical Psychologists | Social Workers | Marriage and Family Therapists | Occupational Therapists | Occupational Therapy Assistants | Physical Therapists | Speech-language Pathologists | Developmental Optometrists | School Psychologists | Inclusion Specialists | Educators | Special Educators | Para-professionals | Early Interventionists | Music Therapists | Behavioral Specialists … and more!

    Whether you are the parent of or a professional working with children, adolescents and young adults with an ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder or other special needs, THIS CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU!

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    Keynote Presenters

    Parent-mediated Intervention for Autism and Its Long Term Effects on Reducing Autism Severity

    Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green, MD
    Jonathan Green trained in Paediatrics in London and Psychiatry in Oxford and Manchester, UK. He has a long standing clinical and research interests in autism and other aspects of social development in children. He has led a number of clinical trials in autism including the MRC Preschool Autism Com...
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    How Do We Measure What Treatment Changes?

    Catherine Lord
    Catherine Lord, PhD
    Catherine Lord, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Weill Cornell Medical College & Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Director of the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain. Dr. Lord is an international expert in the diagnosis, social and communication development and int...
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    Defining Autism: From Nonverbal to National Speaker

    Kerry Magro
    Kerry Magro
    Kerry Magro is an award-winning disability advocate, best-selling author of 3 books, movie consultant of 2 autism films, and a non-profit founder that has given over 45 scholarships for students with autism for college. Magro was completely non-verbal until the age of two and a half and was diagnose...
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    Growing Up Autistic: What Worked and What We Can Learn from the Past  | Anie will moderate a panel of young adults reflecting on their development.

    Anie Knipping
    Anie Knipping
    My name is Anie Knipping, and I'm a social autistic, a layabout with Panic/Anxiety Disorder, and a terminal optimist with clinical depression. My sensory stuff is all over the place, and I've got synesthesia, which lets me see sound and taste colour. I love to educate people on all of it, but it's n...
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    25 Workshops Featuring Profectum Faculty and Guest Presenters

    Workshops will cover a range of topics related to working with very young to older children, adults and families.  Workshops, selected from proposals, will include fostering independence at early early stages, communication systems, adults “letting go” to support transitions, family dynamics, setting short and long term goals, social thinking and reflective practice in homes, clinics and classrooms.