Marilee Burgeson, MA CCC-SLP

Marilee Burgeson, MA CCC-SLP
Profectum Associate Faculty Certificate
Marilee Burgeson, MA CCC-SLP

This practice offers a wide range of services that are based upon the the belief that children thrive within the safe, secure and loving context of the parent child relationship. Marilee is a master clinician with over 30 years of experience in supporting families and their children in mobilizing the parent and child relationship to support meaningful shared experiences and communication. This practice is focused upon parent coaching using the DIRFloortime® model and developmental language models to support the development of social communication. Meaningful interactions grow when parents and children play together. Parents are coached in the use of evidenced based strategies to use throughout the day. Assessment focuses upon the early foundations of social communication, building comprehension and focusing upon the child’s intent. Foundational skills of speech and oral motor development are integrated into playful interactions. The goal of this practice is to promote competence and confidence by supporting a child’s comfort, control and communication as they play with their caregiver. Teaming with other disciplines to better integrate a child’s individual processing profile is a strong value of this practice. This informs our work by looking at a child’s strengths and challenges and empowers caregivers to advocate for their child. Services are provided in the home. Consultation to schools and attendance at IEP’s are also provided. Conference presentations are available the following areas: DIR-FCD™ model, Infant Mental Health, Non-Verbal Affect Cues, The Language of Emotions and Early Communication.

MB Speech Therapy
440 Coronado Hills Dr.
San Marcos
MA, Communication DIsorders and Speech Science, BA, Sociology

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