Barbara Zucca

Barbara Zucca
Profectum Professional Level 1 Certificate (CL1)
Barbara Zucca

Currently I provide Psychological support of children and caregivers from NATO base in Italy at Joy Center our center work in synergy with other professionals, in which services are provided for individuals and families in all contexts, designed to promote the development and adaptation of the individual in social and working life (family, school, social and communities); I start this collaboration in International Pediatric Clinics 1. Amy Zier & Associates 319 N Orchard St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States 2. Casa Di Gioia, Via Vincenzo Monti 18, Rome, Lazio, IT 3. Joy Center, Ex Via Martucci 6, Naples 4. Joy Center, Via Petrarca 6, Gricignano di Aversa (CE) Current Location Supervisors Ruby Moye Salazar, L.C.S.W., B.C.D., child and family psychotherapist. Founder and Director of the Pennsylvania lifespan services and founder memeber of Profectum Academy. Michele Ricamato, MA, CCC-Speech and Language Pathologist; co-founder and DIR® Expert Clinician at Soaring Eagle Academy (Chicago, IL) Amy Zier, MS, OTR / L, PhD, Occupational Therapist expert in Sensory Integration Therapy and DIR model, founder of the AZA (Chicago, IL), Joy center and CDG clinics. Kathy Flentge, OTR / L, DIR-FCD Model Certificate, senior therapist (Chicago, IL) Maria Belen Cortese OTR / L, Occupational Therapist expert in Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopment treatment, Argentina. September 2016-February 2017 Education First Cultural Care United State of America Wolfe Jeff & Reshma KetKar, Richmond Ave., New Jersey, USA Psycho-educational support in cultural exchange approved by the US Department of State Psycho-educational intervention in the American cultural context aimed at favoring the psycho-physical wellbeing of minors who were supported daily in the multi-contexts of life in the processes of development, learning and socialization in school and extra-curricular contexts. September 2015 – September 2016 UONPIA (Infant and Adolescent Neuropsychiatric Unit) ASL8 Clinical and developmental psychology Clinical evaluation in various phases of development through different exploratory methods, begining from interview to a more structured investigation based on observation, communication, and diagnosis of psychodynamic conditions based on international diagnostic systems; Clinical interventions both of a preventive and supportive nature for the minor, couple, and family as a whole. Trainee Psychologist Psychology From February 2014 to September 2016 ABOS (Association of Hospitalized Children of Sardinia) Volunteer Association affiliated with the Brotzu Hospital Training institute for volunteer trainees in various hospital departments of Sardinia, especially in the department of Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry (Pediatric Microcitemic Hospital – Cagliari); supporting families and children in complex life situations such as hospitalization. Collaboration and support of projects and recreational activities in the intra and extra hospital environment aimed at protecting and caring for children and families with special needs in the departments of Pediatric Oncohematology, Day Hospital, Center for Bone Marrow Transplants, Pediatric clinic, Thalassemia Department, Department of Child Neuropsychiatry, and Department of Pediatric Surgery at the Brotzu Hospital. 2016 University Session UNICA (University of Cagliari) University Education Consultation, supervision and coaching of university students of Psychology during the exam session. Assistant Professor of Dynamic Psychology September 2012-September 2017 Education and private training in special educational and in multi-cultural contexts. Lecturer and private support for children and young people with different profiles including BES. Support for children with different learning profiles with IEPs (Individualized Educational Plans) disabilies, (protected by Law 104/92); specific developmental disorders, among which the Specific Learning Disorder (DSA), protected by L.170 / 2010, and Attention and Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder Education and Training August 2018 Abilitation: Gaia Project’s Psy Operator Global awareness-education and psychophysical health supported by UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 05/01/2017 – 16/03/2017 Class in written expression in English as a Second Language (ESL) Coursework for comprehensive language development is offered by the English as a Second Language Program. A wide range of content and materials, presented through an interesting methodology, makes the experience of ESL effective and practical. Proficiency levels from intermediate to advanced are welcome. Participants are of undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ) USA 19/09/2016 – 24/09/2016 Completion in New York City training School Food safety and childhood nutrition; Health in the home; Safety inside and outside the home Child development and age-appropriate activities; Childrearing in the USA and behavior management strategies; Building self-esteem in children; Stress management; Effective communication and how to build strong relationships Educational First, Cultural Care, in St. John’s University (New York City, NY) 07/23/2015 Master’s Degree in PSYCHOLOGY OF DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIO-WORKING PROCESSES LM-51 – PSYCHOLOGY Thesis: Beyond rehabilitation, SIT & DIR model Psychological diagnosis and planning of intervention actions and rehabilitation services regarding developmental disorders; Early detection and prevention of risk situations in the life contexts of the subject: family, school, peer group, companies, companies, organizations, and other public or private institutions; Promotion of the educational effectiveness of adults (parents, teachers) and ability to care for parents and social-health workers; Assessment and intervention in terms of environmental integration: family foster care, adoptions, nursery schools, school placement, geriatric centers, prisons; Application of evaluation tools in penitentiaries and communities; orientation; Human resources, public relations and public image; Psychological Research, Legal Psychology and Criminology; Sociology of economic and work processes; Legal psychology and criminology; English language; Psychology of communication; Multivariate analysis methods; Survey instruments for psychological evaluation University of Cagliari – 09127 Cagliari (Italy) LM-51 21/03/2012 Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques Thesis: Music and Brain, the science of a human obsession Knowledge in psychosocial environment, ergonomic psychometric evaluation, management of human resources training and educational institutions, assistance and promotion of health in public and private facilities, businesses and organizations in the third sector. Training in general, social, developmental, and clinical-dynamic psychology; survey methodologies; Statistical methods and IT procedures for data processing; of the psychophysiological mechanisms underlying behavior; of the dynamics of human relationships. University of Cagliari – 09127 Cagliari (Italy) L-24 03 July 2008 Diploma in Social Sciences Psychology, Law, Economics, Literature, Languages, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Informatics. Study of the mechanisms of interaction “between individuals” and “between individuals and groups”. The diploma obtained in the high school of social sciences offers professional opportunities in the field of social and health services, in the assistance structures present in the territory, in educational services provided in schools and in the outside world in activities of educator, animator, assistant for the elderly or of operator in the community for infancy and in the therapeutic communities. Liceo Scientifico and Social Sciences, G. Brotzu, Quartu Sant’Elena Diploma 21-22 / 19/1017 Introductory Course DIR101 – Entree Dirimè Italia ICDL101 certificate of attendance DIRFloortime 23/09/2016 Adult and Pediatric CPR / AED and First Aid certification License BLS Training for Healthcare and Public Safety (American Red Cross) Long Island 16/01 / 2016- Course: Hospital Interventions for minors victims of serious abuse and abuse (Agency: AOU Cagliari, Pediatric Hospital via Jenner) 30/11 / 15- 08/02 / 16- 10/05/6 Course: Base-Advanced- Post-production photo Ente South Photo 05.15.2015 – Course: Interrogation Techniques from Science to Forensic Practice (Body: Ophir Criminology, Sapienza University, Rome) 06/11/2015-Course: Man in the Age of Technique, Umberto Galimberti (Organization: Board of the Order of Psychologists of Sardinia) 29/11 / 2014-30 / 11/2014-Course: DIR and sensory integration in pre-school environment (Body: Emy Zier & associated Rome) 20/11 / 2014- Course: Metaphors, Symbols and Dreams in Psychotherapy (Agency: Italian Institute of Relational Psychotherapy) 16/10/2014-Course: Affective dependence. When love becomes slavery (Body: Training School in Psychotherapy “Italian Society Gestalt) 28/05 / 14- Course: Anxiety and panic attacks (Entity: Esposizine temati 28/05 / 14- Course: Anxiety and panic attacks (Organization: thematic exposition Italian association Gestalt M.I.U.R.) 09/05/14 General training of workers (all sectors of risk) Concepts of Risk, damage, prevention, protection, organization and prevention of employees, Rights, Duties and sanctions, supervisory bodies, control and assistance. Free Work Employment Agency 13-14 / 12/2013-Course: Inside Serial Killer; Behavioral analysis and profiling, techniques of professional investigation, crime scene, forensic graphology (Ente: Ophir consulting Università la Sapienza, Rome) 21/11 / 13- Course: Theoretical Approach and Application Methods of Psychodynamic Theory, Seminar Held by Professor M. Carta; (Organization: Unica) 11/10 / 13- Course: Separate well. Shared parenting and psychological intervention “Psychological well-being in a child context; (Organization: PEC psicosardegna) 14/09 / 13- FIABATERAPIA Workshop, Training event on the activity and use of fiabaterapia; (Ente: EDUKA) 01/05 / 13- Course: the body and the emotions, the perspective of neuroscience, Vittorio Gallese “The mirror neurons” (Ente: Ief costre) 19/07 / 13- Course: To manage conflict: Forgiveness, non-violence, mediation and negotiation – Meeting presented by the Master II level management of human and organizational development processes UNICA 22-23 / 10 / 12- Seminar in practical psychology cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy (Ente: Unica) 30/09 /11- International conference: Irene Chatoor – Children’s National Health System. CHILDREN AND PARENTS: Nutrition in early childhood. Evaluation methods and interventions to support development and parenting. (ISIDE body).

Barbara Zucca
Via francesco Petrarca 6
Gricignano di Aversa
Major degree, Psychology

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