Profectum Foundation Faculty

We are pleased that the following noted clinicians and educators have joined Profectum’s efforts in advancing the state-of-the-art in their respective fields. They have come together to form our start-up working groups with the task of developing the vision, core values and goals, credentialing criteria and curriculum within their field, ultimately supporting the integrated mission of Profectum Foundation.

Working groups

All Profectum professionals are organized into a series of working groups based on their areas of expertise and interest. Groups will engage in ongoing dialogue and collaboration to maintain an interdisciplinary approach in creating models and representatives of each group will participate in the FCD working group.

Discipline-specific working groups are charged with advancing the state-of-the-art in their specific disciplines. Discipline-specific working groups:

Discipline-specific working groups are composed of professionals who play a role training others in our approach and are eligible to vote for the working group chairperson. However, working groups can also have non-voting “adjunct members” who are interested in the topic but have not yet developed the expertise to train others. By participating in the working group, adjunct members can both learn and contribute their input.

In addition to discipline-specific working groups, we also have the following inter-disciplinary working groups focused on: