Profectum Foundation Clinical Advisory Board

The Profectum Foundation Clinical Advisory Board, a group of distinguished clinicians and researchers from various professional disciplines, will help guide and support the development of programs to carry out Profectum’s mission. The members are extremely experienced in the evaluation and treatment of children with developmental challenges, including autism spectrum and emotional disorders and represent the many different approaches that are considered in a multidisciplinary treatment plan. They are also active in clinical research and have been recognized as outstanding advocates for these children and families.

The clinical advisory board will examine best treatment practices for individuals and their families across the lifespan through a developmental perspective. Using targeted “think tanks” the advisory board can help clarify the differences and similarities among the fields and approaches and articulate key components required for successful developmental gains that will be helpful to all professionals who work with this population. In addition, the clinical advisory board will enhance the Profectum Academy training and research programs by enlisting support from experts in cutting edge practices and technology to improve the quality of learning through our various platforms.

Profectum’s mission to advance knowledge and intervention with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs is one shared with many other dedicated professionals, families and organizations. Collaboration with others is essential for fulfilling this mission and we are eager to create opportunities for round table discussions where we can share clinical practice experiences, research and ideas to meet the challenges we all encounter, especially as our population grows and ages.