• About Profectum Foundation

    Profectum comes from the Latin for “advancement or progress,” and Profectum Foundation is dedicated to advancing the development of all children, adolescents and adults with autism and special needs.

    Our autism foundation builds upon the Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship model (DIR model) developed by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, which is central to all our work. We also believe that the interventional approaches that parents and practitioners use to help individuals with special needs must advance and evolve to incorporate new ideas, new knowledge and reflect the most up-to-date research and neuroscience – they should never be static and must grow as our population grows.

    We created the Foundational Capacities for Development™ model (FCD™ model) to provide an integrative framework to help parents and practitioners determine how to anticipate challenges and integrate different approaches to help an individual with special needs address his/her barriers at various stages of development across the lifespan. At our autism foundation, the FCD™ model expands the role of experience to advance social and learning competencies and executive function and recognizes that different approaches can be used, each with its own strengths and weaknesses where relevance and priorities must be determined in addressing an individual’s needs.

    Our special needs and autism foundation faculty of over 60 professionals (including Serena Wieder, PhD who co-created the DIR model with Stanley Greenspan, MD and started the DIR Institute) collectively has over 1000+ years of experience working with individuals with special needs and has invested many hundreds of hours to create the FCD™ model to bring the DIR model to its next level.  Our autism foundation faculty has expanded developmental language models, visual spatial interventions, educational curriculum and transition to adulthood approaches.

    Our unique DIR-FCD™ model provides the basis for parents, multidisciplinary professionals and paraprofessionals working with individuals with autism spectrum and sensory processing disorders, emotional and other developmental challenges to identify an individual’s needs and bring to bear the best tools and approaches to help address such needs. The DIR model is used to build the foundational capacities where relationships can support these at every stage of the lifespan and the application of  ABA, JASPER, Early Start Denver Model, Lindamood Bell, Social Thinking, adult transition programs, or others as needed.

    At our special needs and autism foundation, we welcome parents, clinicians, educators, early intervention specialists and others interested in broadening their understanding of how to use the DIR model with other integrated treatment approaches, to address real life challenges and how parents and professionals use real world solutions to realize each child’s potential.